Thursday, July 16, 2015

Back to School Family Dinners.

I've been prepping all week for our 
Annual Coombs Family Back to School Dinner. 

A theme has been chosen {it will remain a secret to the kids until dinner time Sunday night} and I'm quite excited about it.

I can't WAIT to share all of the details.

Each year my husband and I pick a family THEME or MOTTO of sorts - - something that we can re-inforce to our kids daily and something that can help them throughout the school year.

Last year our theme was based around one of our favorite quotes from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

Naturally - - because the of the 'Let Us' wording - - I picked a 'LETTUCE' themed dinner.

The year before that - our theme was based off of THIS scripture in The Old Testament.

Our family motto gives us something to focus on.
It gives our day to day tasks MEANING.
It reminds us to have faith.
And it helps us to be better people. {I hope}.


  1. I love all your ideas! Thank you so much for sharing. I have a strange request. I really want to know where you bought your dishes. I love them! Can you tell me where they're from? Thanks!

    1. Lol - not strange at all ;) I've actually had a few people email me with that very SAME questions so you're in good company! They are from Kohl's. From a few years ago. I believe that set always goes on sale during Black Friday weekend - - at least that's when I've purchased mine! Hope that helps. xoxo


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