Thursday, July 23, 2015

Back to School Teacher Luncheon + Teacher Favorites FREE Printable.

Last week our PTO threw our teachers a BACK to SCHOOL Luncheon. This time it was held in the library and while at first - that made me nervous! - - I quickly realized it was THE WAY TO GO! I just slapped on some wrapping paper on the tops of the bookshelves and wa-lah! Serving tables!

We had Port of Subs cater their meal and then I just whipped up some desserts and picked up some chips from Costco to go along with it.

Apples + Pencils is the easiest way ever to make food cards look FUN for a school themed anything.

You MUST try THIS recipe for German Chocolate Cake Bars.
It is incredibly easy and they are incredibly delish.
{I used chopped almonds for the nut part instead of pecans}.

Port of Subs included in their veggie tray - the cutest way EVER to serve ranch dip.

A head of Red Cabbage!!!!
Isn't that clever?

You can read about how I made this super easy Back to School pennant banner HERE.

For drinks -- we had coolers full of sodas + water bottles with these labels that I created.

You can download these FREE labels for yourself! HERE.


Speaking of FREE.....

I whipped up some sheets to pass out to the kids' teachers this week so we'd know what goodies they'd like all throughout the year.

This way.....we won't ever have to wonder!

I even made up a MALE teacher version since this year...Grant's teacher is a boy!

MALE Teacher Favorites HERE
Girl Teacher Favorites HERE


  1. This is the cutest one of these I've seen, but the teachers at my school don't drink coffee. Is there any way I could get a copy without that part on it? If not, I understand! I know you're busy! I love your stuff and use your VT handouts monthly! You're amazing!!

  2. I agree, can you do one that just says favorite drink?


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