Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 10 - Temple Square.

Day 10 began with my new favorite cookie.

The 'Dreamy Coconut' from Quench It.
I need to discover this recipe ASAP.

Since we ate dessert first - - we decided that we needed to follow that up with an actual meal afterwards.

BIG HUGE THANK YOU to the blog reader that gave me this recommendation in downtown Salt Lake!!!! Holy Cow!! This was hands down THE BEST mexican food I've had in like forever.

Their chili verde was TO DIE FOR good.
As was their salsa! 
Just the right amount of kick.

Afterwards we headed to Temple Square.

These are my loves. 
And truth be told - - I might just need a vacation from them after this vacation. {Kidding/Not Kidding}. 

We took a tour of the Conference Center...

So cool!
This was my first time ever inside.
It did not disappoint.

The sweet man giving us the tour was so sweet with the kids and told us lots of interesting tid bits about the center.

On top of the roof.

I love these 3.

The evening took us out to dinner {my diet is really going to need to start as SOON as I get home!} to a cute little pizzeria in Midway called Cafe Galleria.

Their margarita pizza - - 2 thumbs up!

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