Saturday, July 11, 2015

Day 12 - Heber.

Day 12 we slept in and then went to The Junction for lunch. 
{Yummy, Yum, Yum.  Apparently it's exactly the same as
 Davanza's that we ate at in Park City yesterday. Their pizza is the bomb.}

We headed out to see Minions afterwards....

It was.......ok.
Pretty silly.
But the kids enjoyed it.

 The girls and I went shopping at a local boutique afterwards.

Holy Moly!
I was instantly drawn to those cute pennant banners.
How could I resist?!

And these towels!
They made me L-O-L.

We came back home to the kids and found my friend's son tongue deep in the applesauce.

Can you even stand that cuteness??

We drove through Apollo Burgers for dinner.
{I've never been.  Their onion rings? Amaze.}

My husband claims they have the BEST pastrami burgers there EVER. {He's eaten there lots before}.

We headed back up the mountain and our friends made us hot from the oven S'cookies.....

AZ peeps - - this is equivalent to a pazookie.
And equally as delish.
This one was oatmeal chocolate chip and...

We finished the evening off in their movie room by watching this.....

First time seeing it - - 
cute story.

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