Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day 13 - Gunnison.

Day 13 - Our last and final FULL day in Utah.

We said good-bye to our cute friends in Heber...

....THANKS Lori and Adam for putting up with us all week!
We LOVED hanging out with you guys.

We couldn't leave town though without stopping at our 

This stop of course included a sweet treat.

Their pb chocolate bars?
{I officially need to cut back my sweets intake....NOW!}

Once we were on the road - - we also found it necessary to stop at the 7-11 in Nephi to celebrate FREE Slurpee day.

How can you pass up FREE?!

We finally arrived at our last and final destination of our trip - 
Gunnison, Utah.

Our dear dear friends that used to live in our neighborhood in AZ - -  moved out here about 7 years ago and we've been visiting them {almost} every summer since!

Our kids LOVE playing together.

Four wheel rides were in order...

London and Kennedi

So pretty here!
...and we headed over to a 'cave' to go and explore.

This idea didn't turn out so well, however.

See that steep hill?
And barbed wire?

Well I wore flip-flops {who knew a cave involved hiking?} and slipped and gouged my hand on some barbed wire.

When all was said and done Carson said to our friends...
"This is why...our family is more of an indoor family."

And then he proceeded that by saying ....
" hashtag never again".

We died laughing.

The kids leg wrestled....

The adults went out to eat...
 and then our kids went for ROUND 2 of seeing 'Minions' 
with their friends.

This very well could be the oldest theater my kids have ever been inside.  

Carson wanted to know if it was made in the 1900s.

And how's THIS for small town livin - - 

*There were DESKS as seats
*The screen was on a stage
*We let the kids watch the movies ALL BY THEMSELVES!
Can't do that in a city! ;)

Thank you Knudsen's for yet another memorable time!
We sure love spending time with you guys.

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