Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 2 - Southern Utah.

On our 2nd day at the cabin - - we ventured over to Bryce Canyon.  Holy cow.  If you live in UT or a surrounding area and you've never been - - you REALLY need to add this place to your list of MUST SEE sights.

It's breathtaking.

A little frightening that there weren't rails alongside the whole  thing but whatever. Next year I'm wearing sneakers {instead of flip-flops} and hiking down there.  Looked SO fun.

Thank goodness my nephews were on hand to carry London around at her every beck and call.

Can you even believe this BEAUTY?!?

L to R: Joe, Grant, my nephew Tyson, my mom, London, my sister Tori and my nephew Ryan.

Afterwards, it was time for lunch and since we didn't want to spend $8 per kids meal at the Bryce Canyon Lodge - - Joe looked up BEST PLACES TO EAT on Yelp and it took us here........

A food truck in teeny-tiny Tropic, UT.
{Blink your eyes and you'll miss it.}

Needless to say we were ALL very hesitant {well, not Joe - he'll taste anything} to try it but......

Best. Food. EVER!!!
{And you KNOW I love me a good dog!}

We can also check 'playing the piano at a gas station'
 off of our list of things to-do in life.

The evening was spent back at the cabin.
Our dear dear friends drove up from Cedar and it was SO fun to visit with them for a few hours.

It's a riot EVERY TIME we get together.

Fun Fact: My parents have been friends with this couple's parents since they were in highschool.  Then when I came to school at S.U.U. I became friends with their son and his wife and NOW...our kids have become friends.

I love lifelong friends!

Oh - - and they introduced us to the Face Juggler APP and I swear - - we died laughing.....

Joe as London and London as Joe.
Can you EVEN!?!


  1. This is the third time I have commented. If this doesn't work, I'M going to give up. We had a blast at the cabin last night. It is always lots of fun when we all get together. Your photos are amazing and I loved reading your post. Joe is the only one that is a good enough sport to let you put his face juggler photo on your blog ~ or does he even know it is on here? Why didn't you post the one of your Mom with a mustache and buck teeth?? LOL!! Thanks again for a wonderful time.

    1. Thanks Claudine! Glad your comment came thru ;) We loved seeing you guys. Joe and I have already commented more than once how we wish that we lived closer to you all - - how much fun would THAT be?!

  2. Some of your pictures looked like a fake background they were so pretty...the beautiful blue sky and clouds along with the gorgeous rock formations. Glad you all are having fun! You mentioned that the weather is cooler than Arizona...not by much, right? Still trying to figure out where to go with the fam, but heat and I don't really mix. :)

    1. Up in the mountains of Southern Utah is your place then Malena!! On average it's in the 70s here. With the rain these past couple of days though it's dipped down to the 50s!!!


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