Saturday, July 4, 2015

Day 5 - Southern Utah.

Day 5 started off with feeding the chipmunks on our back porch.  Chipmunks/Squirrels/Rodents gross me out. 

My kids LOVE them.

My mom and sisters and I hit up a little boutique close by...

and it was the CUTEST little shop ever.
I want NEED that hammock!

After lunch we loaded everyone into our motorcade
 {not really} and 
headed up to Cedar  mountain. 

The boys had to take care of business as SOON as we got there.  Boys are so lucky.

It was SO incredibly GREEN up there.
I felt like I was in Ireland.
{Side Note: I've never been to Ireland. I'm just imagining.}

This cute little cabin {and land}
 belongs to my dad's side of the family.

For obvious reasons - - {smell - - deterioration}
no one can stay there now.

Even back in the day it didn't have any electricity.  And my dad STAYED there throughout the summers!
 Can you believe it?!

There's not even any running water!!!
Unless you count this fresh spring water 
back behind the cabin.

We all tasted it and MAN it was good!!!
I wish I'd have brought up some bottles to take some home with me. The kids LOVED it.

That's my Great Grandpa's signature from all the way back in 1969!!! {Fun Fact: His name was Moroni. 
Like...from the Book of Mormon.}

My cousin brought up his Rhino and Razor and we sure had fun tooling around in those for the afternoon.

I sure love it up here.

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