Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Day 7 - - Driving up North.

Day 7 was the day we had to pack up and leave the cabin.

London was crying hysterically because she didn't want to go.  I pretty much felt the same.  

The memories we make each year there are THE BEST!

Luckily - - we didn't have to head home to Phoenix and the hot temps {just yet} as we had a fun week planned up in the Heber/Salt Lake parts of Utah!

We left the cabin in Duck Creek and drove to Richfield to visit my Aunt and Uncle for a bit.

{Note: the drive through Panguitch and then onto Richfield is quite possibly one of the most boring drives EVER. NO WHERE to stop.}

My mom and dad with my mom's brother and his wife - -
Uncle John and Aunt Sherrie
After visiting for about an hour {Richfield is such a cute town} we headed onward - -  and at a gas station in Scipio - - I spotted this sign......

Does Scipio realize how GOOD they have it?

I joked with Joe that if WE lived there - - you better believe that on Thirsty Thursdays - - we'd be there EVERY hour ON the hour fillin' up our cups!

We stopped in Provo {home of 'the' BYU} to see where my nephew lives....

Such a pretty town.
Brought back lots of memories for my husband who lived there for a few years.

And then we headed on up the mountain to Heber where we are staying for the week with our dear dear friends.

The kids think they've hit the jackpot with their movie room.

We ended the evening by roasting s'mores.
Utah nights are THE BEST.

Oh and our friend Adam did the unthinkable.
He ate a DOUBLE DECKER Reeses S'more.
2 Reeses Pb cups + marshmallow + graham crackers.

I've told you before and I'll tell you again - - 
Reeses S'mores are a MUST TRY.


  1. YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS FUN FACT FOR NEXT YEAR-- the gas station in Panguitch (the one connected to Arby's) has SODA REFILLS for a penny an ounce EVERY DAY!! So fill up your 32 ounce mug for 32cents and then you can sip that thing slow as you make the boring drive to Richfield :)

    1. What?! This is genius!!! Totally wish I'd have known this! Would've made the ride MUCH more enjoyable ;) Thanks for the tip! xoxo


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