Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 9 - Heber.

Day 9 began with the best breakfast sandwich EVER.

UTAHNs - - Have you tried this place?!
It's breakfast food wrapped up in a piping hot fresh roll.

I need to figure this recipe out asap.
It was WAY too good!
{Not to mention they have delish sodas + sugar cookies}.

We watched the cute little baby that we are staying with for a few hours.....

... and if you know me - - I'm BOUND to bling up any little girl left in my posession.

For lunchtime I met up with a gal I've admired for QUITE sometime now......

THE Melanie from the Sugardoodle website!

We 'met' online a few years back but this was our first time meeting in person.  We had SO much fun chatting together - - makes me wish we lived closer!!

For dinner we headed out with our friends to THIS cute little mexican restaurant in Midway.

I've never seen a salsa bar THIS big with SO MANY options.
Loved it!

Headed to a cute little local boutique afterwards...

AZ really needs more of these.

Finished the night off with shakes from The Dairy Keen....
{Why does it seem like EVERY little town has NOT a Dairy Queen...but SOME type of rendition of the Dairy Queen? Regardless - - -they're always BETTER than the Dairy Queen}.

Their shakes were the bomb.
{ESPECIALLY their 'Thinnest Mint'}.

And then a late night viewing of one of the silliest funniest movies ever.


I swear my husband and I die laughing everytime we see this. It should be dubbed 'So's funny!'
Cool Beans?!

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