Friday, July 17, 2015

Fun Finds Friday.

Going to Target after being gone for 2 weeks was like being reunited with a long lost friend!

{THIS song kept playing though my head as I walked aimlessly down the aisles.}

I swear...that's the LONGEST I think I've ever gone without going.

SO fun to see the $ bins freshly restocked.
{Yes...I know...I have issues.}

These bowls!
So cute.

I think the red and white striped ones and the blue snowflake-ish ones could be purchased and stored away until Christmas for some type of fun little neighbor gift.

Don't you think?

I'm a sucker for canisters like this.

Perfect for Back to School treats.
Write a little note on the front with chalk!

 Did you know ALL of Target's summer section is marked down to 70% off?  It's true.  And I scored this gem for only $4.50!!!!!........

It's HUGE and I LOVE the flat bottom.
{Oh...and it's polka dots too so that's a bonus!}

I just knew I had to have these cute pennants even though I don't have a classroom bulletin board to do anything with them.  Never fear.....I turned them into a banner today....

A banner for a buck?
Yes please!
{I used it for a teachers luncheon I helped with today}.

Other Random Things:

Have you seen this yet?
Oh. My.
Joe and I about peed our pants watching it.

And speaking of funny.....

Please oh PLEASE tell me you saw THIS skit from Jimmy Fallon last night!!!

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  1. I bought that same tote...different color...full price, :( and I LOVE it. Might have to go back and get another if they are on sale. I LOVE your banner you made.


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