Friday, July 24, 2015

Fun Finds Friday.

I'm not gonna lie - - -
having ALL my kids back in school is pretty much

Moms who have kids back in school - - doesn't the day FLY by? Lol. I feel like I am bouncing from place to place just to get everything done in time for pickup!

I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed being able to browse through the stores this week - - sipping on my soda - - uninterrupted. 

It's the little things, right?!

I'm pretty sure Target was glad to see me back, too.

$ BIN finds this week included....

These darling milk cartons!
2 to a package for only a buck!
Would be super cute to fill up with treats and give to a teacher.

I honestly don't remember pencil cases looking this cute when I was a kid.

Going on a road trip?
This chalkboard clipboard could be SUPER entertaining for a little one!

LOVE these little light up marquee letters.
Wouldn't they be SO fun on a desk or in a college dorm room?

Purple Lovers {that's ME!}.......
These purple jars!!!!!

Over at Michaels....
{I haven't been there in forever!}

Aren't these milk jars with straws CUTE?
On sale for only $2 a jar!

And these greeting cards....!!!!

They come with a full on vegetable peeler.  
Or grater.
Or whisk.
And the envelope is even included!

Left card says : You are the 'great-est'
Right card says: You 'whisk' me away.

On sale for $1.50 a card!

Already thinking ahead to fall {I have to! It's so dang hot here right now!}...

Cute little personal pie dishes.
Would be fun to bake some up and give to friends & neighbors. 

Speaking of little....
love these cute tiny cube baking pans.

You could bake up little brownies in these for a party.

Anyone hosting a missionary farewell?
Those bicycle napkins for only $1 grabbed my attention!

And who says you can't put a chalkboard on EVERYTHING?!

Chalkboard ribbon???
Not exactly HOW this would work out - - seems like it would be a tad messy -- like the chalk would smudge easily, right?

And then just as I saw the Halloween garb in the store - - I got a teeny bit excited and then this sight....

...reminded me that I have a son with some SERIOUS aracnaphobia and he'll most likely be avoiding all craft stores/grocery stores/stores in general in the next couple of months.

{Like for reals FOR REALS! aracnaphobia!}

Anyone know how they overcome this?
And don't say -  - 'make them hold a spider' because EW! I would never.

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