Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Our 2015 Annual Back to School Dinner.

Last weekend we held our 
Annual Coombs Family Back to School Dinner. 

 This little tra-dish has quickly become one of our FAVORITE things to do each year as a family.

{2014 HERE / 2013 HERE}

Each year at this dinner - we present a NEW Family Motto to our children.  Our Family Motto gives us something to FOCUS on throughout the year.  It's also usually something that can be memorized and repeated as needed 
{i.e. as encouragement or motivation}.

Our Family Motto is also really good at helping us remember  what's MOST important in life.
{And contrary to my boys' beliefs - - it's NOT the Xbox. Lol.}

This year our Family Motto focuses on 

Be Grateful
Be Smart
Be Clean 
Be True
Be Humble
Be Prayerful
Be Positive 
Be Still
Be Involved

{The last 3 B's were added a couple of years later from Pres. Hinckley -- and they might just be my favorite!}

Each month - our family will focus on a different 'BE'.

Our Family Home Evening lessons will be centered around each topic.  {For example: August = Be Grateful; 
September = Be Smart; October = Be Clean...and so on}.

In an effort to easily help remind my kids about our theme - - I added a bumble BEE themed twist to it all.

Because Be = Bee. 

Our dinner for the evening either had the sound BEE in it or...honey.  

{Except for the rice. I had nothin' for that one}.

My kids gobbled it up.

Oh - - and if you're wondering what a BumbleBEE Brownie sundae entails ===

It's pretty much just a brownie sundae with yellow sprinkles and black and yellow M&Ms.

I decorated the kitchen table with striped wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby. 
I used yellow cardstock for the placemats.

I filled Mason jars with Honeycomb cereal and topped em off with bright yellow flowers.

My kids thought it was SO cool that they got to eat those 4 pieces of cereal BEFORE their meal.
{Chuckle. It's the little things, right?}

While our chicken was cooking on the BEE-B-Q - I had them each fill out one of these sheets - - -

I told them to focus on FIVE things this year that they wanted to BE{E} or ACCOMPLISH.

While we ate our dinner, we went around the table and shared our lists.

{I love that London says she wants BE 7. Haha}

I'll hold onto these sheets now and halfway through the school year, we'll pull them out and see how we are measuring up with our lists.

My framed 8x10 printable will now hang on the back of our front door - - for all of us to see each time we go up or down our stairs. 

We always like to give something to the kids to keep in their rooms as well - - to serve as another reminder - - 

I made up these smaller prints and found the frames at Hobby Lobby. 
They have their own little easel stand on the back.

 It was such a fun night.
We ended the evening by Joe giving
 the kids their Father's Blessings.  
{Father's Blessings = THIS}.

I'm offering ALL of the coordinating printables with this dinner for FREE!

8x10 Theme HERE
4x6 Theme HERE 
Dinner Menu HERE
Things I Want to BEE list HERE

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  1. you make my life so much better!!!
    I need to move there lol

  2. So awesome! I am so excited for when my boys get old enough to where I can do fun things like this. My oldest starts preschool this year. Maybe we can do something like this... But for a 3 year-old. Lol. Love your blog!

    Catey Rice
    Catey Rice Designs

    1. Thanks so much Catey! I apprecaite your comment. Have fun with preschool this year! :) xoxo

  3. What an amazing woman you are! Thank you for sharing your ideas and printables with us.

  4. you are amazing!!!! I have my printables all ready for school starting next week. I love you my friend!

  5. I love your theme and my husband and I decided to use it! You have such amazing ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  6. We will be using this idea as well! Thank you!


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