Monday, July 13, 2015

Randomness from the Road Trip Home.

Home Again Home Again - - jiggedy jigg.
We loaded up and endured the TEN HOUR drive home yesterday. 

{Remember that late 80s Soul II Soul song? Anyone? Anyone?}

10 hours really gives you a lot of time to think, read and ponder upon some random stuff.

So here ya go - - my randomness from our car ride home:

This is genius!
Thank you Real Simple for this grand idea.
{And why didn't I think of it before? We go through countless amounts of soda cans in our household.}

SUPER excited to see that the latest trend this season involves POLKA DOTS! Although in MY book - - they're ALWAYS in style.

Hands down the worst gum flavor EVER.
It lasted all of about 3.5 seconds in my mouth before losing it's taste. KNOW you want this sweatshirt.
Racks on Racks.
What more could you want?

UT -> AZ and AZ -> UT folks....
you MUST make it a point to drive through Jacob's Lake for the SOLE purpose of stopping at this little Inn.

They have a bakery and they sell {hands down!} the very best cookies in all the land.

I PROMISE they do not disappoint.
And they're HUGE!

I'm trying to complete THIS challenge and what a breath of fresh air it was to read a few of these talks....



Back into the swing of things this week!

On tap:
* The kids 'Meet their Teachers' at school
{School starts NEXT week!}

* A PTO teachers luncheon - - need to come up with some decorations 

*Prepping for our annual Back to School family dinner.
More details to come!


  1. Oh my I totally remember that song.. and Wil now be playing in my head for days!!!
    I can't belive it's back to school next week.. that seems soo early.. lol
    we just finished our Ensign Challenge and I loved it so much!

  2. How fun to open your blog this morning and see Jacobs Lake Inn! My daughter is working there this summer in the gift shop! I live in Logan, UT. She was recruited to work there with a bunch of other college students and is having the time of her life! She sent us some of the cookies...and I agree, they are delicious!

    1. Oh how fun!!! Does she ever work in the restaurant too? We ate there on our way up. I've seriously been dreaming of their lemon sugar cookie ever since I got home! ;) xoxo


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