Sunday, July 19, 2015

This Weekend:

* Friday I spent the morning up at our school, preparing for a little Back to School Teachers luncheon.

Super excited they've asked me to do this little 'gig' again this year.  I LOVE spoiling our teachers.
{Details on this spread...coming this week}.

* Afterwards I met up with some of our favorite friends to try out a new pizza joint.
{New to me...I think it's been there for awhile}.

Local Peeps: This place is GOOD! And you can get a Family Deal which consists of 1 Large Pizza, 1 Large Salad and 4 Drinks for only $21.99.  What a bargain, right?

* Friday night date night.
We tried out a spot in Phoenix that we've never been to before but that has gotten RAVE reviews.

Super yummy!

However.....It looks TOTALLY skeevy on the outside, a homeless man walked in and out of the restaurant 3 times and there's a medical marijuana evaluation shop right across the street.  

If you can get past all of those things - - you will LOVE it.

* Saturday morning was awful.
We were awoken at 6:00 AM by what sounded like a huge explosion right outside of our house. 

Our sweet sweet neighbor's car - across the street from us - had started on fire!!!!!!!

There were cop cars and fire engines all up and down our street.  LUCKILY, the family made it out unharmed.  SADLY, it ruined BOTH of their cars in their driveway and part of their garage. 

I took this pic later that day - - the cars are just completely charred.  My heart goes out to this cute family.

* The kids were a little shaken up about the whole thing so we went out for Saturday morning slushies.

* My sweet niece got baptized Saturday afternoon....

My sister hosted a little RAINBOW THEMED reception back at her house afterwards and it was adorable AND tasty!

My niece's name is KATE.
Isn't that clever?!

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
After being gone on vacation for so long - - it definitely felt good to be back!

* Sunday night was our Annual Coombs Family Back to School Dinner.....

It's one of my favorite dinners of the entire year.
I can't wait to share ALL of the details with you later this week -- SO fun!

I sure love these sweet kids of mine.
Can't BELIEVE they're going into: 1st, 4th and 5th grade tomorrow!

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