Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cookies and Milk Bar.

Yesterday I helped host a little COOKIES & MILK BAR for the teachers at our school.  

I created a sign up online and asked for 12 different people to each bring 2 dozen of their favorite homemade cookies. 

We got SUCH a great variety and I think the teachers really enjoyed it!

I bought the biggest jar I could find at Target....

...and filled it up with about 8 different packages of cookies.
Everything from OREOS to Chips Ahoy to E.L. Fudge.

I had each teacher GUESS the amount of cookies they thought were in there and the winner took home the jar AND the cookies.
{The answer was 222.  And yes - - someone guess it 

I whipped up the food card labels and banner and went with a pink theme - - since that's what I seem to have a lot of these days, in my random collections at home.

And yup - that's the same back board I used for the Spa Party HERE and my parent's 50th Anniversary party HERE.

Who knew a foam board from Staples could be so versatile, right?


I'll be back to blogging on Monday.
We are currently in San Francisco for the weekend!!!!

So excited to explore this city.
Can't wait to share all of the details with you.
{You can follow along with some of our adventures this weekend
 on Instagram HERE.}


  1. SUPER CUTE IDEA!!! can you tell me how many teachers you have in your school?? Just an approx. of how many had cookies... so I know how many to plan for my school.

    1. I usually plan for about 40-50. And we had leftovers. So it was a good number. I always would rather have MORE than not enough.


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