Friday, August 14, 2015

Fun Finds Friday.

I know I posted all about my love for the $ store yesterday but I had to save this one for my FUN FINDS post today....

Are these not the cutest little gift boxes?
You wouldn't even need to wrap them!
Just add some ribbon or a bow and wa-lah!

Home Goods has a piece of my heart.
It really does.

I really had to hold back the other day 
or I could've spent a fortune.

This cake/treat stand!!!!!!
I need it in the worst possible way!!!!!

Also loved these burlap placemats.
{Although we STILL stick to plastic placemats in our house since they're the easiest to wipe down.}

Over at 'the' Wal-mart {as my dad calls it}....

LOVING the size of these colorful, sturdy paper plates.
They're a lot biggger than they look in the pics.
10x12 is what they say on the back.
Perfect for barbecues!

And they even come in my favorite colors!

Also spied these fun monogrammed cups...

I had high hopes of spelling my name out but....
there was no stinkin 'i'.

Aren't they cute designs? 
They'd be fun to give someone with candy inside wrapped up in cellophane with a bow.

At Target...

These polka dot plates {and their prices!} caught my eye.
Aren't they cute?

As did....

These adorable MELAMINE plates!
I LOVE melamine!
So kid friendly!!!

I had a few extra minutes so I browsed the CLEARANCE end caps this time {one of my all time favorite things to do!}...

This game looks right up my alley and only $4.48!

And only $3.06 for this one? 
Looks funny.

I've tried to avoid the Christmas decor at Hobby Lobby for as long as possible now {it's been out since JUNE!} and the other day I just couldn't take it any longer.

This chalkboard marquee star might need to be added to my holiday decor collection this year.

Also found these cute little metal letters - - they're probably only a few inches tall and I think they were like $1.50.

Would be fun to spray paint and spell something out for a room or a desk.

Lastly.... someone posted this on their Facebook wall the other day and I died laughing....

Can anyone relate?!

My car just told me that it's 114 degrees outside right now.
Pray we don't melt this weekend ;)

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