Friday, August 21, 2015

Fun Finds Friday.

I spent a lot of time at Hobby Lobby this week.
{I've got some FUN things in the works!}

How cute is this cake banner?
Of course, I'm sure, you could make it with scrapbook paper but sometimes - - it's just easier to BUY!

Like I told you last week - - 
I cannot avoid the holiday aisles ANY longer.

Too much cute stuff.

I'm pretty sure I need those polka dot pumpkins, right?!

And these burlap chevron ones too!
{All of their fall stuff is already 40% off}.

This would be such a fun little sign to have set up in the kitchen where you could see it daily.  I think I'd have each member of our family take turns writing something throughout the month of November.

Over at Target - - 
it's really bugging me that have YET to restock their $ bins with fresh new fall stuff.
{Ours is still rocking the back to school/summer stuff}.

But this jar is super cute.
Would be fun to fill with a teacher's favorite treats.

Any Saved by the Bell fans out there?

This shirt is on clearance for $3!
I even saw mulitple ones available at my store.


London snuck into the boys' room the other night and snuggled right up next to Carson.

I hope my kids still want to sleep next to each other like this when they're older.

I have about 5,471 photos like this on my iphone right now.
{Love that Grant is in the background, oblivious to it all}.

Last but not least....

This picture!!!!
I swear - I DIE laughing at it everytime I see it!


  1. Marci; I love all your great ideas. I am in need of some custom handouts and wanted to see if you could help me out? How should I contact you about it? Thanks

    1. Hi Vicki! Would love to help ya out! Just send me an email at:


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