Thursday, August 13, 2015

Must Buy Items from The Dollar Store.

I tend to 'shop around' quite a bit.
{Not shocking, I know.}

The benefit of this though...
is really KNOWING what's a good price to pay for something....and what's not.

As I visited my local $ store today I was quickly reminded of just how much of a savings you can get there.

{And no - - I am not being compensated in any way, shape or form for this post.  I wish! haha.  All of these opinions are completely on my own.  If I see good deals - - I've gotta share!}

So here ya go - - Marci Coombs' list of
MUST BUY items from the $ store.

1. Craft and Floral Foam

Even at Places like Wal-mart it's at least $3.
I use this stuff when I make my candy bar cakes and bouquets and this foam works like a champ.

2. Craft Supplies for kids

Classroom activities, birthday parties, occupying your children - - - this is THE place to purchase stickers, foam and whatever else you might need.

3. Toothbrushes

They have name brand ones and they are SO much cheaper than even Target. 
{Gasp! I know! I feel like I'm cheating on them!}

4. Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests

I don't know this one first hand BUT...I have friends who swear by these.  

Who'd have thought?

Which makes me wonder...why other stores can charge SO MUCH for their tests when they all do the same thing.

5. Super Glue

And I LOVE that these are smaller sizes. 
I don't know how many times I've purchased super glue {for much more than a buck!} to only have the entire bottle dry out because the lid was slighlty a-skew. 
{Is that even a word?}

6. Batteries

I feel really lucky in husband doesn't really care much as to what I spend day to day 
{he knows I won't go overboard!} EXCEPT....
when I purchase batteries.

If I purchase batteries at full price at the grocery store - - he is NOT happy.  {So weird considering he honestly does not know the prices of pretty much anything else on this earth.}

Fun Fact: I could purchase something new for our home, hang it up and he wouldn't even recognize it for at LEAST 2-3 weeks if that! Lol. It's pretty much a GOOD thing if ya ask me ;)

Anyways...he did extensive research at one time in his life on Consumer Reports and apparently these babies are just as good if not better than the name brand kind.

And we go through A LOT of batteries with our boys and their Xbox controllers.

7. Punch and Lemonade packets

My kids LOVE when I put these in their lunch boxes with a cold water bottle.  I've priced these at other stores and this is the place to get em!

8. Disposable Food Containers

These puppies can get EXPENSIVE at the grocery store.
Have you ever priced them?
They're A LOT more than you'd think they'd be.

I love getting these especially when I bring a meal into someone - - then you don't have to worry about anything being returned.

9.  Posterboard

Yup, THE cheapest place to buy it.
And I always tend to forget this come class project time for my kiddos. {Figures}

10.  Greeting Cards

Have you bought a greeting card lately?
Holy smokes! They can run as high as $5 at a regular store!!!

Here you can get most - - 2 for $1.

{My other fave place to buy cheap but cute cards is 
Trader Joes - - also only $1.}

Stuff NOT to buy at the $ store?

Paper plates - way too flimsy

Wrapping paper - also flimsy

Toys - too cheap and they break within minutes of playing with them


  1. Great list. I can vouch for dollar store pregnancy tests as well. A friend gave me that tip before I had my first and I used them with all three of my pregnancies. They work great. :)

  2. Great list. I would like to add the following items to the list:
    wax paper, plastic zipper baggies, hand soap, plastic bins, Gentle Glide Dental picks (my kids love them), packs of gum and mints, Jelly Belly Jelly beans.


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