Monday, August 31, 2015

San Francisco - Day 1.

How is it that I'm JUST NOW making it to this city?!

Last weekend we flew over with 3 of our favorite couples {and then met another one of our favorite couples from Reno there!} and WE. HAD. A. BLAST.

What a gorgeous city!!!
I ate it right up.

So much to SEE and so much to DO!
I definitely wanna go back.

Our days were packed to the brim with sightseeing, walking, eating and laughing. In fact, I laughed so hard this weekend, my voice is weak. No joke.

Here's how our first day in the big city went down:

We reserved our tickets to tour Alcatraz a couple of months ahead of time.  SO glad we did this.

What a fascinating little island!

We nerd-ed it up with the rest of the people and took the headphone tour of it all.

Do it!

I learned SO MUCH!

These were the convict's cells.

Yup, we even got to go inside of one.

The view of the city was breathtaking.

After we ferry-ed back - we hit up Fisherman's Wharf for some Boudin's sourdough breadbowls.

Fun Fact: I am NOT a fan of seafood, however I LOVE clam chowder.  And this place did NOT disappoint.

So super yummy!

We walked down to Pier 39 afterwards....

...and as if we weren't full enough - - we just HAD to try Trish's mini donuts.
{Thank you Courtney D. for the recommendation!}

They melted right into our mouths.
SO good!

We saw the seals....

and then shopped around and found the 
cutest little candy store.

Next up on our self guided tour was The Palace of Fine Arts.

Holy Moly!
If you have not yet visited this place - - I highly recommend it!

I want to bring my kiddos back and get our family pics taken here.  SO gorge.

Right by this spot is a cute little park and well, since we can't ever lay down on green lush grass in the summertime in AZ, we took advantage of it.

The clouds rolling by were pretty much amazing.

We hopped on in our Suburban afterwards and then headed over to the Sutro Baths.

Another lovely little spot that reminded me of how much I love the beach. a little hairy.
My hubby got sick.
Like....he needed to barf sick.

And ya know how I painstakingly find it funny when others trip or fall in front of me? {I know - - - I really do have a heart, I promise!} Well, I could not stop giggling when my husband darted out of the car to barf his brains out.  

Happy to say it was just a few hour bout and he was back at it the next morning.  PHEW!

We ended the evening at the Prickly Pear in Danville, CA... {OMG - have you ever been to Danville?! I want to live there!}

With the largest taco salad of my life!

SUCH a FUN day.


  1. Aren't those donuts amazing? Sounds like such a fun filled day! That city has my heart for sure. Love all these pictures!

    1. Thanks for all of the GREAT recommendations Courtney!!! xoxo


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