Monday, August 10, 2015

This Weekend:

* I worked on my new BAPTISM candy printables.

* Followed that up by treating myself to a WAY overdue pedicure.

Yup, I have Flinstone feet.
And I couldn't resist the purple polish, once again.

* Friday night date night took us to Phoenix.
We went shopping and I may just have an obsession with THESE shoes right now.


Dinner afterwards HERE.
The Vino Bambino salad is where it's at people!
{And for the record - - their pazookie is the best EVER.}

* Basketball season started back up for us Saturday morning.

Here's a really good tip if you're still in the baby making process - - have your kids REALLY close in age {16 months apart for us!} so they can be on all of the same sports teams.

Definitely a time saver come weekends.

* Afterwards we went and picked up Grant's new glasses.

Doesn't he look sharp?
He was ecstatic to say the least.

Costco on a Saturday is quite possibly one of my LEAST favorite things EVER.  And I mean EVER!

The people surround the sample booths like vultures AND some dude ran over my toes with his shopping cart.

And those shopping carts are HEAVY!!!

Reason #142 why I insist on going DURING the week WITHOUT my kiddos. 

It's an anxiety attack just waiting to happen.

* I worked myself up into such a state from that experience that a 2 hour nap was due once we returned home.

* We ventured back out Saturday night with the kids to eat some of our favorite tacos in all of Chandler.

These chips and cheese get us EVERY time.

*Churchey-church on Sunday.

One of my all time favorite scriptures was printed on front our program so I just knew it was going to be a good day.

* Grilled pork chops for dinner.
{Local peeps: Albertsons has them on sale right now - 
BUY 1 package GET 1 free.  Bargain!}

* Sunday night I went with a dear friend to a fireside in Tempe at ASU.  Such an uplifting evening - - hearing the testimony's of recent converts.  I left a better person.

One speaker, mentioning trials and the Savior said:

"If He brings you to it; He'll bring you through it."



  1. I'm sorry to hear someone ran over your toes with the cart but is that one of the perks of having Flinstone toes?! That you didn't feel a thing?!

    1. Sadly - - no - - the Flinstone feet still have feelings too ;)




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  2. I'm glad your foot's okay! One of my kids had their foot broken after being run over by a full Costco cart. It was quite the story to tell afterward, especially since everyone always thought he said it was run over by a car at first!


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