Sunday, August 16, 2015

This Weekend:

* Friday morning began at the Gilbert Temple.

We were fortunate to be apart of a beautiful wedding held inside.  The simplicity and reverence of these weddings always touches my heart.  

One of the sweet young women that I taught a few years back got married to the sweetest young man and I could not be more happy for her. 

I LOVE being apart of occasions like this.

* Afterwards we dropped by one of our favorite joints for some breakfast...

Fun Fact: Bosa Donuts goes above and beyond just donuts.
Their breakfast sandwiches are KILLER!
They're my new fave thing to order.

* I pretty much ate my way through the remainder of the day.
{It sure is a good thing calories don't count on weekends, right?}

Lunch with a dear friend for Chinese food.
Ya know how some people just GET you??
This was that friend. 
We could've talked for hours.

* Double date night with some more fun friends. We went to a {new to us!} pizza place in Gilbert.

Super yummy.
Super New York.
We will go back.

* We attended the wedding reception of the darling girl who got married that morning, on Friday night. 

Isn't this cake fabulous?!
I thought it was STUNNING.

* Saturday morning included a basketball game for the boys.

I love that my Carson is ALWAYS {for the most part} happy.
He's ALWAYS the one to make other kids laugh.

Team pictures afterwards.
Pretty fun having Joe as their coach.

* I feel the need to tell you that it got incredibly hot here over the weekend.

Like - - walking through an oven hot.

Like - - you wanna hibernate in your house with the A/C cranked on all day.

Like - - it's too hot to even swim in the pool.

* It didn't stop us though.
Another date night with fun friends was on tap for Saturday night. Dinner HERE.
{I've told you before and I'll tell you again - it's my fave Mexican food in all of AZ.}

* Churchey- church on Sunday.
Joe and I had to speak in Sacrament meeting.

Neither of us get super nervous to speak in front of others but I will admit - - it is always nice to have it over with.

Our topics?
The blessings of Visiting Teaching and Home Teaching.

I shared this sweet poem in my talk and
 I keep thinking about:

P.S. The month is already half over.
Have you done your Visiting Teaching yet?
You can use my FREE handout and idea HERE!

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  1. Love that poem! My church calling is to motivate the girls in my singles ward to visit teach and then report. I will definitely be sending out an email with this poem to help encourage them to serve each other! Thank you!!


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