Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bread Recipes to TRY!

I love baking.
I REALLY love baking when it's fall.

It's 'cooled' down to the 90s here in AZ so that means FALL is practically here.
{Hehe - it's true!}

Today I'm sharing with you my 3 VERY FAVORITE bread recipes to make this time of year.

And yes - - I add chocolate chips to EACH one.
How can I not?!

{Of course, you can omit the chocolate chips and add nuts or whatever else fancies your pleasure.}

They're ALL 3 incredibly tasty & super easy.
{2 of my favorite things!}


My recipe HERE.

My recipe HERE.

My recipe HERE.

This recipe will forever be known in our house as 'Bikini' bread thanks to my son who just couldn't get the word 'Zucchini' right when he was younger.

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