Friday, September 18, 2015

Fun Finds Friday.

You guys...
It's almost October!
My favorite month!!!

This weekend I'm busting out my fall and Halloween decor.
I can't wait any longer.

Target unveiled EVEN MORE goodies
 in their $ bins this week:

Wouldn't these be cute to fill with little votive candles and line your driveway with on Halloween night?
{Why didn't I just pick some up when I was there?! I hate that I do this to myself.}

Treat bag toppers.
In polka dots!

These paper containers would be super cute to fill up with caramel corn to give to someone.

I'm not sure but I think my kids would LOVE this.
Comes with a ginormous felt board to play on.

Did you know they sell paper holiday goodies?
It's true.

They EVEN have matching cups!

Aren't they cute?

Good news B&B lovers.

Bath and Body Works

Their 3 wick candles are FINALLY on sale!
{Thank you Heather for the heads up!}

Does anyone else's kids play with these.....

London has none but it's all she talks about.

She wants some SO bad.
I think it's going to be a Shopkins Christmas. 

What do you DO with these though?
They seem so silly, right?

Lastly - - - Utah peeps - - you've been holding out on me...

My friend visiting UT right now just text me to tell me to check out their website.


Darling stuff all over the place!

I might need to make a trip back JUST to check it out in person.

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