Tuesday, September 22, 2015

General Conference Motivators.

General Conference weekend is rapidly approaching!
It's one of my very favorite weekends of the 
whole entire year.

Back when I was serving in the Young Womens organization, I always liked to give my sweet girls a little motivation to watch ALL 4 sessions of conference if they could.

{I usually rewarded them with breakfast at my house the following week - - you can read all about that HERE.}

Anyhoozle - - I've been getting lots of requests for MORE General Conference motivators and I'm excited to share with you my latest:

Because who doesn't love SPRITE....right?!

Also - - awhile back I created a GATORADE handout to go along with Conference but was never able to share it as a free printable.  

Guess what?!
I finally created a NEW one that I can NOW share!


To download my FREE printables:

Click HERE for the SPRITE handout
Click HERE for the GATORADE handout

Also, be sure to check out my friend Melanie over @ Sugardoodle HERE for a slew of additional Conference goodies!

And P.S. - - be sure to check out my ETSY SHOP - - it's loaded with lots of fun LDS inspired treats and gifts just in time for the HOLIDAYS! 
Relief Society, Young Womens, Primary? 
I've gotcha covered!

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  1. I love the sprite one. So cute. Thanks so much.

  2. When I click on the Gatorade handout it is different handout

    1. Sorry about that Charlotte - - problem has been fixed :) xoxo

  3. Hi Marci,
    I just found your site and I'm in love with all your ideas. I wanted to print off your gatorade handout, but is there a way to edit it? So I can say this week rather than next week? You are so talented! Cant wait to look through all of your posts!!