Wednesday, September 2, 2015

San Francisco - Day 2.

Day 2 of our San Fran adventures brought us to the Golden Gate Bridge. On bikes.  Yup - - you heard me right - -

Such a GORGEOUS way to view the bridge AND the city.
It was exhilarating, really.

It was perfectly cloudy and 100% dreamy. 

Happy to report that I only BIFFED it once - - and that was AFTER the bridge - - back in the city - - right before returning our bikes.  Darn trolley tracks.

Can you even stand how cool this photo by my friend Tiff is?

It was SUCH a tiring neat experience and one that I'm so glad to be able to say I've done!

Once we made it over the bridge, we rode our bikes down into the cutest little town ever - - SAUSALITO.


The streets were lined with shops, restaurants and the most darling {ginormous} houses built right into the hills.

Upon returning our bikes back in the city, a random limousine driver sensed that we needed help and offered us a ride up to Union Square. {And when I say 'offered' I mean - - he charged us $50.  But it sure was worth it after that LONG bike ride.}

LOVED Union Square!

Tiff and Dave
We made our way towards China Town and I LOVED looking at all of the cheap little rinkety items for sale in all of the smelly shops. 

We ate dinner that night in Little Italy.

This place OOZES garlic.
And I LOVED it!

That right there is cloves of garlic.
It was called something like 'Garlic in a Bath' and you put it on your bread and kind of smushed it up as a spread.

It was DELISH!...

As was my 40 garlic clove chicken and 
Joe and Jimmy's crabs.

Definitely a FUN restuarant to try.
Pricey - - but unique.

We walked our way on down to Ghiradelli square afterwards and awarded ourselves with sundaes to complete the day.

My DREAM sundae!

Mint chocolate chip ice-cream, warm hot fudge, warm brownie + almonds.

It was the perfect ending to another perfect day.


  1. OH man, this trip looks sooooo dreamy. To say i'm not a little jealous would be a TOTAL lie. Looks way more fun than our trip we took to San Fran earlier this year!! Can't wait to hear all the details :) xoxo

    1. Yes let's get together soon Jewelia! Would love to catch up! xoxo