Sunday, September 6, 2015

This Weekend:

* Friday was NFL day at school.

The Panthers, Bengals and Cardinals REPRESENT!

While the kiddies were off learning - - I was off running errands......

I had high hopes that ALL of B&B Works Fall/Halloween collection would be out -- but sadly it wasn't.

Their candles weren't even on sale, so I left empty handed.
{Don't worry - I may have consoled myself with a cupcake.}

I headed home and played around with my new Silhouette machine that I am like MAJORLY excited about.

LOTS of new stuff rolling out in my Etsy shop SOON!

* Friday night was date night.
Father/Daughter night & Mother/Sons night.

My boys picked Texas Roadhouse for our date.
It was a win! win!

Goonies was watched afterwards {the TV version}....

.....while I made some major progress on cleaning up my craft room.

* Saturday morning I helped one of my favorite friends celebrate her birthday with breakfast HERE.
{Seriously yummy. Their biscuits were to die for.}

Love this girl!

* Basketball game afterwards...

Sadly - - we were the team with only 6 points at the end of the game. Sigh. Ya win some ya lose some!

* Saturday night I had dinner with these lovely ladies while Joe and the boys watched the ASU game. {Sad loss}.

My girlfriend was out of town for the evening so lucky for US - - we got to keep them overnight and take them to church with us the next day.

Sharp bunch, right?

* The rest of the day was spent relaxing, grilling cheeseburgers and watching AFV as a family.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!!!
Before we know it - - it'll be Christmas.

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