Sunday, September 20, 2015

This Weekend:

* I met one of my favorite ladies for breakfast HERE.

See that pile of hashbrowns?
Well, if you order the 'Wolfpack' you get a heaping pile of those hashbrowns with 2 eggs and bacon hidden right in the middle.  It was delish. {And WAY too much food.} Oh... and their bacon?! YuM!!! 

* Afterwards, I headed over to visit with a sweet friend of mine who moved out of our neighborhood not too long ago + had a brand new baby.  So fun to see her again and catch up. {Wish I would've gotten a pic of her cute little baby!}

* Friday night, Joe and Grant headed to the ASU game...
{another WIN!}

....while my 2 dates and I headed out to dinner HERE.

This place has quickly become my new fave GO-TO restaurant.  Their boneless wings are THE BOMB!

* Saturday morning was the boys' very last basketball game of the season.

And guess what - - they didn't win one single game all season long.  But ya know what? They had FUN! 
And Coach Joe was SO good to them!

He treated them all to ice-cream afterwards....

I sure do love that sweet husband of mine.

Oh...and side note AZ peeps - - -

1/2 price drinks ALL day at SONIC tomorrow!!!!
Woo-hoo - - GO CARDS!

* Saturday night Joe and I attended a SURPRISE 40th Birthday party for my cute friend Amy.

I believe in this photo she was specifically telling me NOT to post any pictures of her 'on the blog'. Uh-oh.

* Our ward primary program was on Sunday.

I got 'teary' playing MANY of the songs on the piano today - - hearing the kids sing about the Savior.

Not only did we have our families there to support the kiddos - - but the kiddos school teacher's came too!!!!

We sure do love them.

* Burgers and brownies for dinner and dessert Sunday night.
{And I don't mean to brag hubs really does grill up the BEST cheeseburgers ever.}


On tap for this week:

* Hosting a teachers luncheon up at the school.
{Fall theme + soups and pumpkin shaped bread bowls.  Yum!}

* Filling Etsy orders

* Prepping for DISNEYLAND!!!
Could not be more excited!

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