Friday, October 30, 2015

Last minute PUMPKIN recipes.

In need of some last minute PUMPKIN-Y recipes to whip up for the big day tomorrow?

I'm sharing TWO of my ALL TIME FAVORITE pumpkin recipes today.  Of all time!
{And that's a big deal!}

Image: Bake at 350
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars
Recipe HERE
Side Note: I don't line my pan with tin foil - - I just coat my pan with cooking spray.

Hands down the best!
I made some up yesterday and we've already gone through a whole big loaf.  The secret ingredient? Vanilla pudding mix!

Recipe HERE

I've got a sickie home from school today.
Fingers crossed she feels better by tomorrow!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Candy Quiz 2015.

The other night at our Family Halloween Party I whipped up a short little 10 question quiz based around all things 

As promised - - I've made it available as a FREE printable.
You can download it HERE - - answer key included.

You can also access THIS fun candy quiz from not too long ago! Both quiz's are FUN for all ages!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

2015 Coombs Family Halloween Party.

Monday night was our annual 
Coombs Family Halloween Party.

Mary Poppins finally found her chimney sweeper...

{Joe is such a good sport!}

....and I picked the easiest costume ever and went as a 'Deviled Egg'. {You know I can't resist a good pun costume}.

Eggs go good with 'Cereal Killers', don't they?!

Joe's mom is always such a good sport at dressing up as a very fashionable witch. 
{The fashionable part comes natural to her.}

Our tables were covered with Hobby Lobby wrapping paper...

....and these fun little chalkboard bags that I purchased at Walmart. 

The kids table...

...included personalized soda's - - because how many times do kids get their drinks mixed up at a party?! Problem solved {and no sharing germs}!

I had a jar full of candy packed for our traditional 'GUESS HOW MANY' game...

84 pieces to be exact {Congrats Scott!}, plus I came up with a NEW little Halloween Candy Quiz for everyone to fill out.
{Printable version coming soon!}

This year our 'activity' was playing MINUTE to WIN IT games.

We split up into 3 teams: 
2 adult teams and 1 team with all of the kids on it.

These games are super fun because they are FAST, EASY and you don't need many supplies for them to work!

For those are the game details:

Items Needed: a bowl full of plastic spiders, skull rings, etc + plastic bowls to be placed on top of heads.

2 people from a team compete together.
The object is to throw the MOST creatures into the bowl within a minute.  Contestants with the bowl on their head may not step over a designated line. Most creatures in the bowl within one minute WINS!

Items Needed: Post it notes

2 players compete together.
One player has to 'make a mask' with post it notes on the other player's face.  The team who uses the MOST post it notes in one minute WINS!

Items Needed: one roll of toilet paper per team

2 players on the team compete.
Whoever wraps their 'mummy' first
 {uses up their ENTIRE roll of TP the quickest} WINS!

Items Needed: a bag of mini marshmallows, 
bowls and straws

One person from each team competes.
They have one minute to pick up as many 'ghost boogers' as they can using only their straw. Whoever has the MOST in their bowl after the minute is over WINS!

Items Needed: 3 pie pans, whipped cream, gummy worms
and dracula my case...white trash buck teeth from from the $ store.

One player from each team competes.  Whoever picks out THE MOST gummy worms using ONLY their mouths within one minute WINS!

Last but not least...there were party favors in the from of homemade caramel corn....

Cute little buckets were purchased in the $ bins at Target last year. 

And that's a WRAP!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Breast Cancer Awareness - GET YOUR MAMMOGRAM!


Since it's BREAST CANCER AWARENESS month - - I've found it fitting to share a very personal experience I had a couple of years back.

You can read all about it in detail HERE.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I met 2 of my favorite ladies for breakfast at a new spot. {Locals: they just opened up on Lindsay and Pecos!}

I've been dreaming of it ever since!
Soooo yummy.
We all 3 got the chorizo biscuits and gravy  and they were to die for! Their potatoes were cooked to perfection and everything there is homemade.  My kind of place!

* Errands afterwards which included a few more stops at different Goodwills.  I really may have a new, crazy ob-sesh with that place.

* Friday night was our school's annual Costume Ball.
It's the kids' VERY favorite event of the entire year!

I present to you...the Coombs Kids 2015 Costumes:

London won the BEST OVERALL COSTUME award and to say she was floating on cloud 9 is an understatement.

Night. Made.

* Saturday was spent going to Sams Club, working on projects and doing laundry. 

* That evening we attened our annual Stake Rodeo.

We are SO blessed to be apart of such an awesome stake.
Dinner was provided as was horse rides, face paintings, roping, hatchet throwing, pig races, catching chickens and so on and so forth.  The kids ATE IT UP!!!

* The rest of my evening was spent puting the finishing touches on Joe and I's costumes.

Any guesses as to what THIS is going to be?!

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
Our 6 year olds were BOUNCING off the walls but gosh they're so cute.  

* Our dreaded family pictures were Sunday night.
I'm lucky to have such a talented sister who takes these every year for us.

She works her magic and has LOTS of patience with our crew. {My husband and boys get tired of smiling after about 2 minutes.}

* Breakfast for dinner Sunday night.
{My all time FAVE!}
Pancakes, hasbrowns and sausage.
I could seriously eat BRINNER EVERY night. 

Can you believe THIS WEEK IS HALLOWEEN?!

We've got lots of FUN on tap - - 

* Tomorrow night is our FAMILY HALLOWEEN PARTY!!!

Can't wait to share all the details!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Halloween Family Parties.

One of the highlights of our Halloween season is throwing our annual Coombs family party {coming up on Monday!}
This year I sent out a box of BOOGERS as our invitation...
...with this tag attached.
{Yes, booger puns are involved! How could I resist?}

We can't wait to see what everyone comes dressed as!

2011 Party Details HERE and HERE

2014 Details HERE and HERE

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

2fer Tuesday.

2 Random Things Worth Discussing:


1.  PLEASE tell me someone else has seen this show!!!!
It. Is. BIZARRE!!!!


There is no way these relationships can work out.
They're all just so awkward with each other it makes me want to cringe.  

2.  I'm back in the ER tonight with my hubs.
Poor guy.

Has anyone else had appendicitis/gall stones/kidney stones before and the doctor hasn't caught it the FIRST time around???

Sigh.  Hoping to get some answers soon.

2 Pun Intended Costumes I LOVE:
{I'm such a sucker for a good pun!}




{Although for this one I think I'd add a chef's hat as well!}

Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween Soap.

In need of a QUICK and EASY little something to give to your friends? teachers? neighbors? this Halloween season?

This post is for YOU!

Pick up your FAVORITE soap from the store.
{BBW is always my fave go-to soap stop}.

Print out my FREE tag HERE...
{There are 4 tags per page}

Attach it with some ribbon or twine...

....and wa-LAH!

That's it!!

Gift giving doesn't get much easier than THAT!

P.S. Only 12 more days til HALLOWEEN!
Are your costumes ready?
There are SO many cute ideas on Pinterest!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

This Weekend:

* Friday morning we attended a funeral for my sister-in-law's father.  So comforting to know that families can be together FOREVER - - even after THIS Life.

* Lunch at a new burger joint afterwards with Joe's family.

These might've been the BIGGEST onion rings I've EVER tasted.  SOOOO good. Yummy, yummy stuff.

* I filled Etsy orders back at home afterwards.

* Date night with some of our favorite peeps HERE.

We laughed our heads off and filled our tummies to the brim.
It was a WIN-WIN.

* Saturday morning Joe went downtown, London went to a birthday party and so naturally my car took the boys and I HERE.

* Ran to Target afterwards where I was shocked to see the stonewash trend has come back - - and just. won't. leave.

I mean REALLY!?!
Usually little girl clothes are cute no matter what - - 
but for sure not these overalls!!!


* Saturday afternoon/evening we had quite the scare.

My hubs got deathly sick.

Like - - I've never seen him SO sick before.
Like - - he was LAYING DOWN on the E.R. waiting room floor, clutching his stomach in pain, waiting to be seen.

{P.s. my husband is a BIG germ-a-phobe and so the fact that his whole body was on the disgusting floor of the E.R. was proof enough that he was NOT himself!}

Horrible, horrible stomach pains. was awful.

Luckily - - all of his tests came back AOK and they FINALLY found some pain meds that actually helped.

Craziest. Thing. Ever.
{Fingers crossed it doesn't come back!}

So awful seeing your spouse in so much pain.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
{Is my daughter the only one who conspicuously takes TWO pieces of bread when the Sacrament is passed? Anyone else's? Every. Single. Week.}

* Chicken Tacos for dinner + brownies with Reeses for dessert! Oh -- and it poured down rain here Sunday night.



On tap for this week:

* Decorating a bulletin board for London's 1st grade class

* Planning our annual Coombs family Halloween Party

* Getting all of the kids' costumes ready for their annual school Costume Ball this Friday.

* Trying to arrange outfits for our family pictures. {GaH!}

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Coombs Halloween Decor.

If you're a long time reader of my blog you KNOW - - -
there's not a holiday I DON'T decorate for.

I have a little bit of an ob-sesh with it.

 Halloween, however, might just be ONE OF MY FAVES.

Here's a peek around our house right now:
{Please pardon any messes you might spot!}

My sweet friend gave me these darling polka dot jars for my birthday, filled to the brim with CANDY!

Burlap pennant banner is from the $ spot at Target.
As is the silver milk tin holding my leaves.
{ did we ever survive before the $ spot?}

That 'Ghostess with the Mostest' sign might just be my new fave thing ever.  My sis found it for me for my bday.
{Having a bday right around Halloween time is VERY beneficial!}

Still working on costumes over here.
CAN'T wait for London's!!!

These 2 of the boys might just be my all time faves....

Napoleon Dynamite 2013

Michael Jackson 2010