Wednesday, October 28, 2015

2015 Coombs Family Halloween Party.

Monday night was our annual 
Coombs Family Halloween Party.

Mary Poppins finally found her chimney sweeper...

{Joe is such a good sport!}

....and I picked the easiest costume ever and went as a 'Deviled Egg'. {You know I can't resist a good pun costume}.

Eggs go good with 'Cereal Killers', don't they?!

Joe's mom is always such a good sport at dressing up as a very fashionable witch. 
{The fashionable part comes natural to her.}

Our tables were covered with Hobby Lobby wrapping paper...

....and these fun little chalkboard bags that I purchased at Walmart. 

The kids table...

...included personalized soda's - - because how many times do kids get their drinks mixed up at a party?! Problem solved {and no sharing germs}!

I had a jar full of candy packed for our traditional 'GUESS HOW MANY' game...

84 pieces to be exact {Congrats Scott!}, plus I came up with a NEW little Halloween Candy Quiz for everyone to fill out.
{Printable version coming soon!}

This year our 'activity' was playing MINUTE to WIN IT games.

We split up into 3 teams: 
2 adult teams and 1 team with all of the kids on it.

These games are super fun because they are FAST, EASY and you don't need many supplies for them to work!

For those are the game details:

Items Needed: a bowl full of plastic spiders, skull rings, etc + plastic bowls to be placed on top of heads.

2 people from a team compete together.
The object is to throw the MOST creatures into the bowl within a minute.  Contestants with the bowl on their head may not step over a designated line. Most creatures in the bowl within one minute WINS!

Items Needed: Post it notes

2 players compete together.
One player has to 'make a mask' with post it notes on the other player's face.  The team who uses the MOST post it notes in one minute WINS!

Items Needed: one roll of toilet paper per team

2 players on the team compete.
Whoever wraps their 'mummy' first
 {uses up their ENTIRE roll of TP the quickest} WINS!

Items Needed: a bag of mini marshmallows, 
bowls and straws

One person from each team competes.
They have one minute to pick up as many 'ghost boogers' as they can using only their straw. Whoever has the MOST in their bowl after the minute is over WINS!

Items Needed: 3 pie pans, whipped cream, gummy worms
and dracula my case...white trash buck teeth from from the $ store.

One player from each team competes.  Whoever picks out THE MOST gummy worms using ONLY their mouths within one minute WINS!

Last but not least...there were party favors in the from of homemade caramel corn....

Cute little buckets were purchased in the $ bins at Target last year. 

And that's a WRAP!


  1. What a fun family party! I love when family get togethers go the extra mile. Those personalized sodas are such a good idea. We are constantly having to get new cups at parties to remember who's is who's. It doesn't matter what method I've tried so far, it never fails that I have ten extra cups by the end of the party. That's such a good idea to use a wrap.

    Those minute to win it games are great too. I have only played it once for a Christmas party and don't think I had near as much fun as it looks like your family did. Thanks for sharing so many great ideas! Hope your Halloween is awesome.

    1. Thanks so much Kimberly for your sweet words! You are too kind. I wish I would've thought up the personalized soda label wraps a LONG time ago ;) xoxo

  2. seriously the nest party thrower ever !!
    It's Ethans birthday next week and he's still saying he doesn't know what party he wants.. I'm ready to pit my head in the oven !

  3. seriously the nest party thrower ever !!
    It's Ethans birthday next week and he's still saying he doesn't know what party he wants.. I'm ready to pit my head in the oven !

    1. Hahahaha. I am sure you will come up with something FABULOUS!!!

  4. Seriously AMAZING! I love your ideas and you blog! -Cassie

    1. Thanks so much Cassie! Have a great Halloween!


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