Tuesday, October 13, 2015

2fer Tuesday.

2 Fall Treats you MUST Try:

Let's be honest.
Fiber One Bars make you toot.
Like.  REALLY bad.

Which was why I was skeptical to try these seasonal PUMPKIN bars but they were practically screaming my name!!!

Happy to report - - not nearly as gassy as their other bars.
AND...super yummy!

They're actually SUPER sweet tasting.
So if you're craving sweets but don't wanna blow your calories on candy - - these are a good alternative.

If you DO however wanna blow some calories, might I suggest.....

These yum-a-lish-ous Halloween Reeses. 
They're NOT your ordinary Reese PB cups either.

They're ALL orange.
They say BOO on 'em.
AND...they are EXTRA peanut-buttery.
I promise.

I feel the need to stock up because I'm afraid they'll sell out.

2 Songs I Can't Get Enough of Right Now:


Listen HERE

Listen HERE

Let it be known however that I CANNOT STAND Hozier's song 'Take Me to Church'. 

My kiddos go back to school tomorrow.
I might be a little more than giddy about it, too.

As much as I've LOVED having them home with me + sleeping in everyday  - - there is something to be said about getting back into a regular schedule. {There is also something to be said about running errands ALONE!}

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