Friday, October 2, 2015

October Visiting Teaching Handouts.

Happy October!
It's my FAVORITE month of the whole entire year!!!

This month's Visiting Teaching message is on:

And because I love OCTOBER just so MUCH I've created TWO different handouts for you to choose from!

My first one has a Halloween-ish spin to it.
{You know me...any reason to celebrate a holiday!}

These cute heart dishes were found at the Dollar Tree!
{Next to their vases}.

Fill these up with ANY type of Halloween candy, attach my tag and you are GOOD to GO!

My second handout is completely PUN-ed based.
{And you know how I love a good pun!}

ANYTHING cherry is perfect for this handout!

Upon downloading your choice of tag - - PLEASE let me know which tag you pick.  I'm always curious to know which ones my readers use when there is MORE than one option!

To download my HALLOWEEN Tag click HERE

To download my CHERRY Tag click HERE

As always - if you plan to download any of my tags - I 

just ask that you PLEASE make sure to become 

an official follower of my blog

{right hand side under 'Join Site'}.

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 *Ideas are posted daily!*

Also - - I am MORE than flattered when others

 'replicate' my ideas and come up with their 

'own' tags.  I just 

PLEASE ask that you give credit where credit 

is due when posting, and please link back to 

this original post.  xoxo

Happy Visiting Teaching!


  1. I loved the Halloween one and the gift idea was so adorable it's scary ;)

    I'm sure my VT sister is gonna love getting it!

    I'm also printing the Halloween one to attach to a tiny treat bag for my co-workers for Halloween!

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know Mariposa! Have a fabulous day! xoxo

  2. Cute!! Thank you so much again! I printed the cherry one, I originally planned to do the Halloween one, but I didn't see any heart shaped dishes at my Dollar Tree out here in Boston. BUT I found cute little red heart vases that match the cherry hand out, and then I'm filling them cherry Twizzlers! Thank you so so much!:)

    1. Darling! Love that idea -- thanks for sharing! xoxo

  3. I love both of them. I am using the Halloween one. I am planning on using the cherry one (with cough drops) for a time when someone I visit is ill.

  4. I picked the Halloween one. You are amazing as usual! Thanks - Danelle Murray Weaver

  5. Hi Marci,I used both tags depending on the needs of the sisters I visit. I attached a cherry lip balm to the cherry tag and candy with the Halloween tag. Thanks so much!

    1. LOVE the lip balm idea! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  6. Hi Marci... This handout would go perfectly with this October 2017 VT message. I am trying to download it, but it is saying it is no longer available. Is there a way to be able to download this again??
    Please let me know...


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