Sunday, October 11, 2015

This {Birthday} Weekend:

* I took the kiddos to the mall with me on Friday to do a little shopping. I learned 2 things at this particular mall trip:

#1. London is WAY too big to be pushed around in a stroller these days. Jenny - - my double stoller is headed YOUR way this week!


#2. Mall trips {for the morst part} are much more enjoyable WITHOUT my kids.

* Date night Friday night.
We hit up BRIO for their awesome Happy Hour specials.

SO SO SO delish.
You cannot beat their Happy Hour.
Those Crispy Tuscan Tots on the right were to die for delish. 
There was BACON inside of them!!!! 

* We saw this movie afterwards.....


I'm such a sucker for TRUE story movies...
and this one DID NOT disappoint!

I was on the edge of my seat for the 
entire last part of the movie.

VERY well done!
{And I'm not so much fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. 
But he did a phenomenal job.}

* Saturday morning we had a {pre}birthday celebration breakfast at The Hangar Cafe.

Love this hidden little gem of a restaurant, right in the heart of the Chandler airport. Not to mention - their food is delish!

Even Carson thinks so.
And THAT'S saying a lot!

* Joe took the boys home for the rest of the day while London and I went birthday shopping. {Shopping was sort of like the common theme with me this weekend and I loved it!}.

We hit up LOTS of stores including....

Goodwill...upon which London exclaimed 'It smells like SLURPIE in here mom!' I'd strongly have to disagree.  My slurpies smell 100 times better than Goodwill...don't yours?

And of course Hobby Lobby.
{A shopping trip is not complete without a stop here!}

I've had my eye on a chalkboard there for the last few months and I finally treated myself to it!!!

I LOVE it!
I have BIG plans to finally learn how to do fancy chalkboard writing and set this outside of my front door on our porch.

My hope is to change it up seasonally 
with all sorts of fun stuff. 

* SUNDAY was my official Birthday!
The big 3 - 7.

Joe picked up my fave donuts the night before....

...and we got to start our NEW calling as London's primary teachers!!!

Let the PUNS begin for this cute 5/6 year old class!
I am so excited about it I can hardly stand it.

I've never taught primary before but for 3 short weeks when Joe and I were very first married and then I got called right into Young Womens.

* I got in an un-interrupted nap after church.
{Best Bday Present EVER!}


* We spent the evening at my parents house for dinner and dessert!

Joe and the kiddies playing out on my parents backyard/the golf course. Dear AZ: PLEASE cool down soon so we can do this on a regular basis again! 

The whole Lam fam bam minus all the kiddos who were banished outside to play so that we could hear each other talk! ;)

A big fat THANK YOU to everyone who helped make my day so special.  Bdays on Sundays are {sorta} a buzzkill but mine turned out to be SUPER! 
Oh - - and one of my very favorite texts came from my sister this afternoon....

I.  Died. !!!!!!!!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday from a long time reader of your blog.
    Love your sister's text.


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