Sunday, October 4, 2015

This Weekend.

* Friday I spent most of the day working on my 

Have you downloaded YOURS yet?
There's TWO to choose from this month!

* Date night Friday night.

How sad are YOU that Paradise Bakery is slowly switching over to Panera Bread?! BOOOOOOOO!!!

We also saw:
Truly. Fascinating. 
Not so much a FEEL GOOD movie but intriguing and incredible, nonetheless.

Made me want to go home and Google all about it since it was a true story.

P.S. WHY ON EARTH would anyone want to climb Mt. Everest?!?!?!??? I mean - -  I get that there's this HUGE rush by doing it but - - - really?!? 

I get MY rush's by browsing the $ section at Target.

Seriously though. 
It should be illegal. 

* Saturday morning was spent watching General Conference.

I LOVED ALL of the talks - - especially Sis. Marriott's
 {and her sweet little southern accent.}

Side note: Why is there a giant box of chips just randomly hiding out in my family room?!

In between sessions - - London and I went out for pedicures.

We've got Halloween on the brain.
{And can you even stand her shoes?! $3.47 at Old Navy!}

* Saturday night Joe and my dad headed off to the Priesthood session....

{I sure do love their relationship!}
....while the kids and I met my mom for pizza!

* More spiritual enlightment on Sunday.
Gosh, I love General Conference weekend.

It was just what I needed.
Loved Elder Durrant's talk on PONDERIZING the scriptures!
Starting that this week!

* Our first official batch of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies were made this season.

I tried THIS recipe {found on Pinterest} and it was a HIT!

* We crock-pot-ed ribs all day, too and MAN they were good!
Like fall off the bone good.

I tried this....

...and I'll definitely use it again.


Week 2 of my kids' Fall Break is this week.

On tap:

* Seeing Hotel Transylvania 2

* Shipping out more Etsy orders

* And probably eating out all week long since it's my Birthday week.  And we all know no one should have to cook at anytime during their birthday week, right?

* Oh - and also enjoying the 80 {yes 80!} degree weather coming our way this week.  Can hardly wait. 

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