Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas Potpourri in a Jar: A FAVORITE!

I'm currently working on the tags for our 
2015 Christmas Neighbor Gifts.

Can't wait to share with you what we have up our
 sleeves this year!

Tonight I'm sharing with you one of my most popular posts ever. EVER! 

This is such a yummy little easy gift to give away at Christmas time.  And people LOVE it!
{Not to makes your house smell like HEAVEN!}

For all of the details plus the FREE printable tag

Can you believe tomorrow is December 1st?!
What the what???

Sunday, November 29, 2015

This {Thanksgiving} Weekend:

* Our Thanksgiving started out with Grant and Joe playing in the annual Turkey Bowl {An ambulance was called. Thankfully, not on my 2...poor guy!}...

While the other 3 of us watched the Macy's parade.

Joe thinks I'm a weirdo for loving this parade so MUCH but...I grew up with it! It's somewhat and always will be nostalgic to me. 

* The Rupa boys {cousins} stopped by for a bit...

... and then we headed over to Joe's parents house for the rest of the day. 

Grandma Marilyn and Grandpa Scott with all 10 grandkids.
It was a perfect afternoon and the food was delish!
Like...really, really DELISH.
Like....I ate so much I felt sick afterwards....and then continued to eat some more DELISH.

Thanksgiving evening Joe and I continued on our family tra-dish of taking the kids to the movies.
{Why are movies extra fun on a holiday?}

This year we saw:


You guys!!!
This is one of the SWEETEST little movies we have seen in a LONG time! Such a darling message.

I won't name names BUT...2 out of my 3 kiddos cried in it because it was so sweet.

And the graphics?! Amazing.  There were parts that looked totally real.

* Friday morning and for the most of the day we kicked it at home.  

I powered through some more Etsy orders...

...while the kids entertained themselves around the house.

* Friday night the kids went over to my parent's house
 for a SLEEP-OVER!

Joe and I discovered a gem in Chandler for dinner.

This place has been here for forever - - how we are just now discovering it is beyond me.

It's a hole in the wall type of place and OH SO YUMMY!
Authentic, homemade mexican food.


We shopped afterwards and worked on a few Christmas surprises for the kiddos when we got back home.

* Saturday was spent doing chores around the house.
{My kids were less than thrilled.}

This scripture has been hanging in my bathroom {that was previously so absolutely disgusting I could barely even walk inside of it} and I almost have it memorized.  I am excited to 'ponderize' on a new one this week.


* Saturday night was date night for the boys and I while Joe and London went out on their own little date night.

We have a tra-dish of doing this every year about this time. 

 The boys get to each pick out a Christmas present for London and Joe while London picks out presents for the boys and me.  In another week or so, we'll flip flop so everyone gets someone a present.  

The kids LOVE it.

* Sunday, I stayed home from church with Carson who had been battling a bad cough all night long. 

We made the best of it by watching ABC FAMILY movies and making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

We made THIS soup for dinner and used up the last of our turkey leftovers. {Even though we never spend Tgiving at our own house each year, I still like to cook up our own turkey for leftover/sandwich purposes.}


So many things on tap for this week:

* Addressing and sending out our family Christmas cards!

* Working on tags for our 2015 Christmas neighbor gifts

* Beginning our annual 

* Holiday hayride at the kids' school

And last but not least....
* Buddy the Elf arrives!!!!

How is it possible that December is {almost} already here?!?

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

"Sincerely GIVING THANKS not only helps us recognize our blessings, but it also unlocks the doors of heaven."
-President Thomas S. Monson

Remember - - calories don't count today :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Dip.

In need of something quick and easy to whip up before the big meal tomorrow?

I make this dip EVERY year.

It's my Grandma Lamoreaux's recipe and we've been serving it on Thanksgiving day as an appetizer ever since I can remember.

Find the recipe HERE.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

2fer Tuesday.

2 Things I Can't Stop Watching:

Let's talk about the Biebs for a second.
He's making a come back!

I don't necessarily agree with all that he does BUT...
he is KILLING it with the new music lately.

And his song 'Love Yourself'???
Oh my.
This video is the bomb!!!
Like for reals. 
You must watch it HERE.

Adele gives me goosebumps.
End of story.

Did you see her on SNL this past weekend?
She was magical!!!!
Her performacne of 'When We Were Young' left me speechless.
Watch it HERE.

Sidenote: SNL killed it with THIS skit and THIS one.
They had Joe and I in stitches!!!
The 'Should You Chime In' one was pretty much geared towards everyone and anyone on Facebook.

2 of My Favorite TV Moms:

Jessica Huang from "Fresh Off the Boat".

If you lived through the 90s and you have not yet seen this show - - - ADD IT TO YOUR DVR LIST NOW!!!

Joe and I die laughing every week!!!


Beverly Goldberg {need I say more} from "The Goldbergs".

She may just be THE FUNNIEST mom EVER on T.V.
Her outfits and her lines are HYSTERICAL!!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Printable.

I can't send my kids to school on Wednesday and not give their teachers a little something.

THANKFUL doesn't even begin to explain how grateful Joe and I are for the wonderful teacher's in our childrens lives.

They do SO much.
SO SO much!

I whipped up this printable to share with YOU...
my awesome readers today.

There are 3 on a page and you can pretty much attach it to whatever you'd like! {I'm thinking pumpkin bread might be a nice touch.}

You can download a copy of my FREE tags for yourself along with those you're GRATEFUL for HERE!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

This Weekend:

* My Friday morning started at this place...

The D-M-V.
Why is that place ALWAYS packed?
And who knew that the photo on your license expires
 after 12 years?

* Ran errands afterwards and picked up this gem.

Also hit up about 4 different Ross'.

Remember over Halloween time how I had an obsesh with thrift stores? Well now that obsesh has turned into Ross stores.  Why?? Well because one of the workers tipped me off to the fact they a) get new shipments in EVERY day until the holidays and b) THEY GET LEGOS IN STOCK! The GOOD kind!!! And sometimes even STAR WARS Legos!!!

And remember how I said I refused to pay full price for Legos this Christmas??

Well this is the answer to my problem!
{I just have to keep scouring ever Ross store within a 25 mile radius on a daily basis..haha.}

* Lunch date with my hubs HERE
Gosh, I love this place.
It's a tad on the pricey side BUT...their food is some GOOD.QUALITY. food!!!
I love it!

Make SURE to try their zucchini fries!
And their onion rings.
And their Butterfinger shake.
Ok, ok -- and their burgers.

* Friday night the kiddos school put on a Food Truck/Outdoor movie night and showed 'Inside Out'.

It was so much fun.
I know I say this ALL the time but....
Gosh I love our community.

It's pretty much the best.

{And local peeps: if you have not yet tried the 'Hot Cookie Truck' please add this to your list of to-do's this next week.
And be sure to get the 'Tomboy'.}

* Saturday morning was spent working on Etsy orders.

My customers are keeping me BUSY and I could not appreciate it more! So fun to be able to create all of this goodness right inside of my very own house.

* Lunch date with this handsome boy.

How can you not smile when you're with him.
He's pretty much the happiest kid I know.

* Afterwards....I tackled my garage.

A lot of people ask me WHERE on earth I keep ALL of my holiday stuff. You're lookin at it.  Behind those boxes...are lots and lots of more boxes.  It's pretty much a beast to pull everything out.  And VERY un-organized.
But I did it. And then...

I conquered my banisters for Christmas.
Wrapping these with garland + lights is pretty much my LEAST favorite thing to do for the holidays. 

Glad it's done-zo now.

* Saturday night was spent over at my parents house eating pizza with cousins....

......watching Uncle Kirk make everyone Hershey kiss cookies {yum oh yum oh YUM!}.....

.....and decorating Grandma and Grandpa's Christmas tree.

So magical for the kids to be able to do this.
And somewhat magical for ME - - being able to watch my kids put up ornaments that I used to put on the tree when I was a kid.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

I asked our primary kids to draw a picture of what they are thankful for in life and here's what London came up with...

Melt my heart, why doesn't she???

If you look closely, there is a yellow hand on the right hand side of the picture.
That's {the Spirit's} hand reaching down to help us.

* The rest of our day was spent decorating OUR tree...

Along with the kids decorating their trees....

Every year we give the kids a new ornament for their tree.
I always put the year on the bottom with their initials.
It is SO much fun when they pull these out every year and reminisce.

Carson's 'jammie boy' just might be my favorite.
{Fun Fact: When he was about 4 years old...he LIVED in his jammies. LIVED in them.}

Happy Thanksgiving Week!
It's one of my most favorite weeks of the entire year.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Fun Finds Friday.

Just a few today...

Marquee stuff seems to be all the rage these days and I'll admit - - I LOVE it!  These ornaments are adorable.  Found at Kohls - I think it would be SO cute to spell out your family's name on the top of your Christmas tree and have these light up at night.  


Unless of course you have a long name like my maiden name - - L-A-M-O-R-E-A-U-X.

Then...that would get a little 'cost-y'.

Over in the Target $ bins - - -

If you're having a 'winter' themed party this season - -  I think this felt mitten banner would be OH so cute.

Haven't shopped for your Thanksgiving paper products yet?
No worries - - I've found the cutest ones yet.

Target, of course.

Also thought these were adorable...

My last 'fun find' is actually one on Facebook that my sister tipped me off to this week.  

Search: Alicia's Deals and like her page

She posts bargains as she finds them. For instance - - just yesterday she posted that Wal-mart had the Madden '16 football game for the Xbox for only $28.  SCORE! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Christmas Tunes.

I have a confession to make.

I've started listening to Christmas music.
I just couldn't wait any longer.

The weather has been chilly here {in the 60s!}, I've been making Christmas ornaments and just feels right! 

We'll pull out our Christmas tree this weekend and get our house decorated next week.

I sorta have a thing with getting it done before Thanksgiving.

It's like I want to savor every last drop of the Christmas magic with my family. So why not get started early, right?

Tonight I share with you my TOP FAVORITE CHRISTMAS ALBUMS of ALL TIME.  

What one's am I missing?
What one's do YOU love?!

If you haven't heard of him - - You Tube him!
He's incredible and he can slay it on the trumpet.

'Merry Christmas, Darling' might just be one of my favorite songs of all time!

A couple of years ago I purchased....

I'd like to say that my kids made me do it - - -
but it was ALL me.

And I'm definitely not sorry.
Surprisingly - - some good jams!

This year I want to buy one or two NEW Christmas cds.

I'm debating between these two: