Wednesday, November 4, 2015

2fer Tuesday {on Wednesday}.

2 Thoughts I LOVE and Can 
Relate To Right Now:

If you can make me laugh  - - we'll be instant friends.
That's pretty much all it takes ;)

Yup.  This is me.
I feel like a little child EVERY time I do it but - - who cares?

2 Songs I Can't Get Enough of Right Now:

DOWNTOWN by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Listen HERE
{Word to the wise: Upon downloading - make sure you select the CLEAN version!}

HELLO by Adele

Listen HERE

Can I just tell you HOW GLAD I am that Adele is coming out with new stuff? I was getting REALLY sick of all of her same old jams on the radio. 

This one is so good it gives me chills.
I'm serious.
{Which is weird because the song is pretty 'stalker-ish'. And I'm not a stalker.  Well, maybe in my pre-married/dating days I may have done a little stalking.  But who doesn't, right?}


P.S.  How gorgeous is Adele??????

P.S.S. I NEED to know what kind of eyeliner she's wearing in this music video! It looks magnificent!!!

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  1. I live Adeles song too.. it's almost haunting !.. and she is so stunning !