Tuesday, November 10, 2015

2fer Tuesday.

2 Peppermint Flavored Treats to Try:

I'm such a sucker for peppermint flavored ANYTHING and I LOVE this time of year because of it!


Out of ALL of the different OREO flavors you can get now a days - -  THIS is the one you want to try.

I promise!

And you can't eat just one.
I double promise!

This one I have yet to try {from Jack in the Box. Or 'J-I-B' as my husband and I call it.}

It's practically SCREAMING my name though!!!

I'm not sure how much longer I can resist.

Side note: Since I'm a freak - - - I actually CALLED Chick Fila today to see when they start serving their peppermint shakes. Good news - - - on MONDAY! My favorite!

2 Thanksgiving Recipes I Want To Try:

I looooooove fresh green beans AND artichokes.
This one looks like a WIN! WIN!

Anyone else LOVE creamed corn?
If I'm at a restaurant, and they serve it - - I almost ALWAYS order it.  

I've never tried making a 'from scratch' version but this one might tempt me to do so.  It's in the crockpot AND it includes cream cheese.  How could one NOT love it?!


  1. we are soul mates.. I'm dreaming of that milkshake.. deelish!!... we have a coffee place here called Tim Hortons on Dec 1st they start their milk hot chocolate with whipped cream and crushed Candy Cane.. I can't wait !!
    and I love love creamed Corn.. I have a ftom scratch recipe thst I love !

    1. Ok so I tried the shake - - couldn't wait any longer -- and it did not disappoint! Would love your creamed corn recipe!

  2. Have you had peppermint Jo-Jos from trader Joes yet?? they are like the oreos and ohhhh so good!! they only have so many each year and sell out fast so you have to get them when they first come in or you miss you until the next year. I managed to get 3 boxes last weekend and that's probably all I will be able to score for this season.. then I will have to go to the Oreo ones LOL

    1. Ooh yes I have and I completely forgot about them! Yum. May need to take a trip to TJs tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder :)