Friday, November 13, 2015

Fun Finds Friday.

 Target $ bins - - how I love you so.

Can you even stand this cake stand cuteness???
Rumor has it - - they had ALL white ones earlier in the week and I missed them!!! Dang it. Now I'm on the hunt!

Adorable advent calendars for only a buck.
London would love these!

Melamine Santa cookie plates - - also only a buck!

These would be fun to a) leave out for Santa but also b) to bring goodies to a friend on!

Super cute!

Over at Wal-mart...

They still have PLENTY of Thanksgiving paper products on hand.  Even cute plates for the kids table.....

LOVE these rectangluar paper plates for the holidays.

Perfect for giving cookies, brownies, you name it!

Going to an 'Ugly Sweater' party this year?
Need to bring dessert?

I thought it was pretty hilare that they had these cookie cutters.

And for curious minds....

I finally got around to trying this.
It did not disappoint.
{I may need to go back for another one this weekend.}

QUESTION: Where can I find my boys cute Christmas jammies? Anyone??

The older they get - - the harder they are to find. 

And they refuse to wear any with the 'tight' pants.
{Do you know which ones I'm talking about?}

Also - - - MOST of the Black Friday ads have been posted.
You can check them out HERE.

My plan is to stay nice and toasty in my jammies that day and order everything I need online.  Wish me luck!

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  1. I'm having the same issue with pj's.. pottery barn have some but I'm waiting .. I'm cheap lol