Sunday, November 1, 2015

This {Halloween} Weekend:

* Friday started off with a sickie at home.

Fever, cough and cold = no school and a day on the couch.
{Big fat thumbs down!}

Family night on Friday night....

Pizza + making homemade sugar cookies.

I very much felt like the litte Red Hen with this.
Everyone thought it was such a GREAT idea and then...
who was left in the kitchen doing all of the work?

That would be me.
{Which is why I didn't feel bad one bit that I maybe ate like 7.}

* The rest of the evening was spent working on 
Etsy orders while jamming out to some old skool music.

Don't ya just love it when you dig up some REALLY old cd mixes from like AGES ago? 

* Saturday {Halloween} involved errands during the day which included:

 - Picking up pumpkin shaped bread bowls, only to get home and realize that they had shorted me THREE!


- Picking up a prescription from the pharmacy only to get home and discover that they didn't mix it up and there was a big chunk of powder inside of the bottle.
 {That equals un-useable}.


Luckily - - our Halloween EVENING was much MUCH better! 

We headed over to my sister's house for dinner and trick or treating with cousins and friends.

Is my niece not the cutest/funniest SUMO wrestler you've ever seen? My kids had such a fun time reminding her that she had a wedgie all night long.

We had the most delicious food:
Mom's chili, homemade chili verde, baked potatoes, homemade cornbread, salad, pumpkin cake and hot corn dip {Steph, I want that recipe!}

After we got back home and got the kiddies tucked in {they were pooped!} Joe and I sat down and watched the 20/20 interview with Leah Remini on Scientology.

2 thoughts on this interview:

#1. Wow.  Scientology.  Definitely interesting!
#2. Leah Remini has had TOO much plastic surgery.
Her face didn't even move when she spoke.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

Gosh, I love this quote.

Do you ever have a Sunday where the testimonies shared, songs sung and in my case -- quotes on the program - - just GET you?!  I experienced ALL THREE today. And it was just what I needed.  Very grateful for the spiritual uplift.

Happy November 1st!!!!!
Can you believe it's NOVEMBER?!?!

Prayers needed tomorrow - - - my hubs goes in for a stomach scope. Hoping to find everything to be AOK!
Fingers crossed!

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