Sunday, November 8, 2015

This Weekend:

We headed up north and spent time with Joe's side of the family in a cabin tucked back into the woods. 

It was freezing cold, had just snowed
 and was pleasantly perfect. 

Because I tend to FREEZE when it dips down to any temp under 70 degrees...I spent most of the weekend INSIDE - - watching my kids play OUTSIDE.

Snow amazes them.
These desert rats NEVER get to play in it, really.

The little cousins built a snowman...

....and London became instantly attached.
{Yes, that's her giving it a kiss.}

It was all fun and games until her little cousin decided to destroy it.....{chuckle}...

Luckily, it was easy to rebuild ;)

The older boys spent the weekend dirt sledding.

They played outside for hours and were absolutely soaking wet and freezing cold and didn't complain once.

They LOVED it!

We played games.....
{Have you ever played the Pie Face game? Definitely a crowd pleaser!}

Carson mastered the game of Chess...

...and we relaxed, visited, laughed and ate way too much.

Spending time with family is just the best.

We loved every minute of it!

Oh - - - and fun fact....
My husband turned into a 'cowboy' for the weekend.
Can you guess which one is him?

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