Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Dinner Party Ideas.

This year is the FIRST year in quite sometime where my husband and I have not hosted 
some type of a holiday dinner.
{And thank gosh, because I am eating, sleeping and breathing ALL things with my 
 ETSY shop right now!}

I do love throwing a good party though.

And Christmas time is my FAVORITE time of year to do it.

Today I'm sharing with you - - - 3 of my all time favorite dinner parties from years past at our home.

And if you notice closely - - I used PAPER PLATES at all 3 of them! Who said paper products can't be classy?
{And who really wants to spend a whole night of doing dishes once all of the 
guests leave anyways?}

For each party's details - - click on the link below each picture.  And if you're hosting something this Christmas season - - HAPPY HOSTING!!!
{Hosting really is one of my favorite things to do}.

2011 HERE

2012 HERE

2013 HERE

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