Sunday, December 27, 2015

This {Christmas} Weekend:

It sure is a good thing these 3 are cute because collectively - - they didn't fall asleep on Christmas Eve until 3:00 AM. And they were up at 6:30 AM.

But minus Joe and I's sleep deprivation - - we managed to have a great Christmas morning. 

There were lots of Legos, Shopkins and Xbox things unwrapped. 

Kids really do make things magical on Christmas.

We had our traditional Christmas breakfast of cinnamon roll casserole and sausage and egg casserole and then Joe and I may have fallen back asleep for a few hours while the kids played with their new loot.

{Why is Christmas morning SO tiring?!?}

* Christmas afternoon we headed over to my parents house.

We had our annual cousins gift exchange...
The Lamoreaux family cousins
...and us adults opened up our gifts as well.

Joe happily scored an ASU shirt from my dad....

...which shocked us ALL because my dad is a HUGE Utah Utes fan and constantly teases Joe about being an ASU fan.
{Christmas sure brings out the LOVE in all of us, haha.}

We ate the most delicious ham dinner with all of the fixings and then sent my parents on a little treasure hunt to find their gifts from all of us siblings.

Couples that bike together -  - hopefully don't crash together, right?!

We ended the day back at home watching 'A Christmas Story' with our kiddos...laughing at scenes we've seen probably over 100 times. {Why is it that EVERY time I watch this movie - - I hear new lines? I promise I've seen this movie probably more than any other movie in the history of time.}

* Our Saturday morning looked a lot like this...

....and this was just ONE part of the mess.
Nothing like the Day after Christmas slumps.

I pretty much parked my fanny on the couch for the day {I've been fighting off a stomach bug -- boo!} and this was my view....

Boys on the Xbox in their new chairs and London playing with her new toys in the living room. 
It was quite relaxing and nice.

I perked up a little towards the evening and so Joe and I ventured out on a date night. {It's been awhile!}

We saw....


...and laughed our heads off.
{How can you not, really? Will Ferrell is my FAVE!}

We ate HERE afterwards.

Their pazookie is hands down the best around.
And boy did I enjoy it going down because.....
when we got back came right back up.


The stomach bug can officially take a FLYING HIKE!

* The boys went off to church on Sunday while London and I laid around.  And then when they got back....there was even MORE laying around...

The Christmas season officially wore us out!

Oh and also - - the AZ CARDINALS WON!!!!!
What a great game.

My favorite thing about the Cardinals winning?
{Besides them actually winning, of course?}

Half price drinks at Sonic ALL DAY the next day + half price pizza at Papa Johns the next day.


On tap for this week:

Absolutely. Nothing.
And I could not be MORE thrilled.


  1. Son #3 (16 yo) was up at 0530 Christmas morning! He and his brother bought their dad a welder, they were a little excited for him to open it. Hope you feel better.

    1. Oh that is the cutest thing ever!!! I bet their dad LOVED it too! xoxo

    2. Woops - - must've been signed in under my husbands account :)

  2. My house is wrecked. .. I'm putting things away tomorroe and i don't know where to begin.. wahhhh
    I'm so sorry you got sick... I've heard of lots of people sick over by he holidays xo

    1. Yes our house got hit hard this year. First with Carson and pneumonia and then the flu. Boo. Hopefully it's all GONE! Happy New Year! I'm dreading putting away all of my Christmas stuff!xoxo

    2. Woops - - must've been signed in under my husbands account :)