Sunday, December 6, 2015

This Weekend.

* Friday morning began with one of my most favorite breakfast burritos around.

Locals: El Sol in downtown Chandler is where it's at.
Their salsa is also my favorite {they even sell it at Costco!}

The rest of the afternoon was spent in my craft room, working on Etsy orders...

Of course I only keep the most important necessities on hand when I'm cranking orders out. {Those Joe-Joe's though!!!!}

* Friday night we ventured out to the WEST side of town with my sister, her family and my parents for the Glendale Glitters.  

LUCKILY...we found a most delicious place to eat dinner first.

Thank you ETHAN for the recommendation.
Pullano's is where it's at.
Best wings, calzones, pizza, sandwiches - - - YuM!

We should've just driven home afterwards.

Glendale Glitters does not live up to its hype AZ peeps.
Just consider yourself warned.

I asked my brother in law to take a family photo and he captured the evening perfectly.

Oh...and so did this photo...

London CRYING over her wiggly tooth and Carson COUGHING his brains out.

We definitely laughed a lot.  And checked this event off of our Christams to-do list for the next 20 years!

{If you're looking for TRULY SPECTACULAR lights - - you MUST visit the Mesa Mormon Temple.  Nothing tops it!}

* On Saturday, London and I continued our annual Christmas tradition of attending the Nutcracker ballet.
{THIS one is my favorite!}

Having a little girl is so much dang fun.
Have I mentioned that I LOVE HER, lately?

The whole afternoon was magical. 
London pranced out of the theater afterwards and is determined that now she wants to be a ballet teacher when she grows up.

* Dinner with cute friends afterwards HERE.

No, London's teeth are not normally blue.
She had just eaten a gumball.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

One of my 6 year old primary kiddos told me all about how her cat was in heat. 

The stuff these kids tell me every week CRACKS ME UP!

* Tonight I'm home with Carson while the rest of the crew is over at our friend's house having dinner {lucky ducks!}

This poor little muffin has been sick now FOR A WEEK!
Fever and coughs.

I'm taking him back into the doctor tomorrow.

Having sick kids is the worst.


  1. I love that tradition with you and London.. and you look stunning!!
    poor little kiddo.. my husband has been sick for a week too. xxx

    1. Thanks Heidi!! Hope your hubs is on the mend soon. Sick husbands are the WORST! ;)

  2. I love London's cute dress. Fun tradition.

  3. Glad you got your Joe-Joe's! I only picked up 3 boxes when I went, but I am sure they are long gone at the store now! (so my kids get the Oreo version lol) ;)

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