Sunday, December 13, 2015

This Weekend:

* Friday - - I locked myself into my craft room and cranked out my last big batch of Etsy orders.

For real, for real.  I was in there the ENTIRE day.

* Pizza night at our fun friend's house followed by our school's Annual Holiday Hayride.

This is one of our favorite events that the school puts on!
Riding through the 'hood looking at Christmas lights, sipping hot cocoa and visiting with friends.  We love it.

So blessed to live in the community that we do.

* Saturday morning {it was FREEZING! Like 50 degrees freezing!} we helped out my cute nephew with his Eagle Scout project.

So proud of him for accomplishing this.
{He turns 18 next week!}

* Our ward Christmas party was Saturday night and the kiddos were part of the live nativity.

Can you even stand it?!?

Hearing children sing Christmas hymns always makes me tear up. {Seriously though, what doesn't?}

The rest of the evening was spent watching Mary Poppins.

I can't even stand how perfect this movie is.
The dancing, the singing, Julie's pretty much my all time fave.

* Sunday morning we woke up to a toothless child.

Yup, she lost her very first tooth and there's another one that's not far behind. {Picture - - - hanging by a thread!}

* Grant and I stayed home from church.
He barfed last night but was aok once I let him stay home today {of course}. 

* My sister and nephew came over for Sunday dinner.
Pot roast, mashed potatoes and green beans.
So yum.
Fun fact: when buying a roast - - ALWAYS pick the 
CROSS RIB roast.  It's THE.BEST!

NEVER buy the chuck roasts.


Lots on tap for this week:

*Kiddos get out of school on Thursday.

* Teacher Appreciation Christmas luncheon on Wednesday

* Decorating gingerbread houses with Grant's class

* Wrapping, wrapping and more wrapping

How is it that Christmas is just 12 days away?!??!?!


I'm not quite ready.

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