Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2fer Tuesday.

2 Things I Love Right Now:

In true fashion - - I'm sure I'll wait until the day AFTER Valentine's to buy it on sale.  But isn't it ADORABLE??? 

A treat for every day?
Yes, please!

THIS version of 'Thinking Out Loud'.

2 Recipes I Want to Try ASAP:

It's one of my New Year's goals to cook more dinners at home. These 2 recipes are at the top of my list....


The only problem with this one is that I don't know how to use our BBQ grill.  Lame, I know but I've never once turned it on. I always leave it up to my husband. I really should learn.
{Fun Fact: I've also never ever used or turned on a lawn mower.  I grew up with a dad who had major OCD with his lawn and actually found JOY in mowing it.  As does my husband now so.....no need to learn this one! ;)}


It's been rainy and dreary here and soup sounds so blissful lately! 

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