Friday, January 15, 2016

Fun Finds Friday + more RANDOM-ness.

Kind of a mod-podge of finds + stuff today.
{This is a long one!}

First off -- thanks so much for ALL of the positive feedback on my blog and the new look.  I'm SO glad you all like it as much as I do!

Second - - here's a FUN FINDS for FLIPPERS {house flippers that is.} My husband came up with that alliteration and he thought it was SO clever.  He's used to me bouncing off all of my puns on him and rolling his eyes ;)

Anyhoozle - - I usually try and not brag too much about my hubs.  People who brag ALL THE TIME about their spouse on social media makes me roll my eyes.  I find that if you truly want your spouse to know how great they are and how much you love them - - then you should TELL THEM IN PERSON! Or via a text. Or even an email.

Am I right?

Well, today I'm bragging a little.

Joe - my better half.
For as long as we've been married {and for quite sometime even before that} my husband has been somewhat of an online sales guru. He's REALLY good at what he does.
{Plus of course, being a husband, taking me out on dates, providing for our family, being a super fun dad..etc and blah blah blah.}

He's recently started selling online for a company with high end appliances and just got his brand new biz cards.

If you're a builder, realtor or house-flipper and in need of fancy shmancy stuff like Bosch, Thermador, Gaggenu or Viking appliances - - he's your guy.

Shoot him an email.
He ships WORLD WIDE.
And PLEASE tell him I sent you ;)

Moving on....

Target has these adorable rolls of wrapping paper, back in their Valentine section for only A DOLLAR!!!

You better believe I bought some.
I'm going to use it to cover my kitchen table for our Valentine morning breakfast.

I saw this chocolate bar at Deseret Book and laughed.

I also fully believe that in heaven, you'll be able to eat AS MUCH chocolate as you want WITHOUT gaining weight.

Won't that be great? ;)

Somebody posted this adorable idea on Facebook - not sure where the original source comes from.

Each day starting on Feb. 1st you leave a heart on your child's bedroom door.  You add a NEW one each day with different things you LOVE about them.

Isn't that THE BEST??? I'm totally gonna do it.

Last night we attended a Cub Scout pack meeting and our adorable leader made these MINI ice-cream cone cupcakes.

She found the MINI cones at Wal-mart.

I fell in love with them.

They were just the right size to put each one in a MINI muffin pan slot.

I saw this quote this morning and LOVED it.

You better believe I'll be purchasing this issue this week.
And can we talk about the fact how Steven's EX-fiance is totally blasting him now in the media?

She's doing it for money - - I just know it.
I didn't like her from the get go.

Will Smith completely got SNUBBED by the Oscars.
He totally should've been nominated for his performance in this movie for the BEST ACTOR category.


Lastly, and probably my favorite...
{well, besides talking about my husband, of course}


His 'Carpool Karaoke' with Adele is probably the GREATEST thing I've ever seen!!! I'm pretty much in love with it.

HE is hysterical and I feel the need to be best friends with him in real life.

And as for Adele???
She is brilliant.
I wanna be friends with her too.

Not many people give me goosebumps when they sing BUT SHE DOES!

And I WANT her eyeliner on my eyes PRONTO.
{I just can't seem to find a good one.}

Last night I binge watched ALL of Corben's Carpool Karaokes and I about peed myself.

The one HERE with Justin Beiber is pretty dang funny.

Side note: I am now going to start DVRing the Late Late show.  I have to! I LOVE this guy!


  1. I totally did the same thing last night after I discovered Carpool Karaoke! It is seriously the best!! The one with Stevie Wonder is my favorite!

  2. Hey Marci. I just wanted to let you know where that Heart Attack door came from. I have it pinned to my Pinterest boards, and we've done it for years now. Our kids love it. Just wanted to let you know. Have a great week! :)