Friday, January 8, 2016

Fun Finds Friday.

I'm officially over my 'Post-Christmas blues'.
Thank goodness.

All of the cute Valentine stuff now in stores has definitely helped raise my spirits. Oh and so has the fact that a) my kids are back in school and b) none of us have been sick all week and c) I've been able to mill around different stores at my own leisurely pace.


Target is stocked to the BRIM with adorable Valentine stuff right now in their $ bins.  I seriously need one of EVERYTHING. 

I did pick me up one of these cute banners.
It's chip board AND foiled AND only $1.
You can't resist that.

LOVE these cute ceramic bowls.
They'd be fun for ice-cream OR for filling up with candy.

I really am a sucker for jars. 
Jars + glitter?
That's just a no brainer.

Such a cute frame to display your kiddos art work.
For only 3 bucks!!!
They also had this one....

...which I thought was equally as cute.

Canvas tote bag - $3. 

I may have gone to 3 different Target's just to get me this cute cake stand. I saw it one day and then in true fashion went back the next day to purchase one and they were ALL SOLD OUT! That fast! Thankfully I got my hands on one.  And for only $5.  

Super cute paper baking pans -- loaves AND heart shaped ones.

Over at Hobby Lobby they had some new goodies in their baking section...

These gold polka dot cupcake boxes are practically screaming my name! 

And this designer posterboard takes school projects to a WHOLE 'nother level.  

Over at the Dollar Tree....

...they had these adorable little puppy mailboxes.
My London LOVES puppies and for only a buck? It was a win! win!

Also there - - -

These cute chair Birthday chair covers!
These would be SO fun to have at the kitchen table for the birthday boy or girl!

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