Tuesday, January 12, 2016

RANDOM info & tips.

I tried to come up with a 2fer Tuesday to share tonight but random thoughts kept floating into my head and I felt the need to share them with you so.......


WHY am I so excited to try these?!?
Even my kids say they think they look gross on the commercials. 

I'm gonna prove them wrong. 
Full review on em next week.

THIS Etsy shop.
Oh my gosh she has the prettiest prints.

I ordered one of these with the GILBERT temple on it for a Christmas present and I LOVED it!! 

{Fun Fact: Joe and I got engaged! just outside of the St. George temple.  It will always hold a special place in my heart.}

This new show is pretty dang funny.
Have you seen it?

I officially like it because I set it to tape on my dvr each week and I don't know about you - - but that sorta shows like a true commitment.

{The Eva Longoria show after it? Not so much.  I couldn't even watch 5 minutes of it.}

How am I JUST NOW discovering this amazing tip?

I've always and I mean ALWAYS cooked my bacon on top of my stove in a frying pan.  And I'm gonna be honest - - I end up burning it more times than not.

Tonight we had BRINNER.
{Breakfast for Dinner. Side note - - my kids and I could eat BRINNER every. single. night.  My husband? Not so much.}

I decided to give this bacon in the oven tip a try and.....
Holy! Moly!
It was cooked to per-fecsh.
And tasted de-lish!

Frying pan no more - - I'm sold on this!

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