Monday, January 18, 2016

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I went Visiting Teaching, ran some errands and then met these 2 cute girls for lunch HERE.

So fun to visit and laugh with them. Love their friendship.

* Date night HERE with Joe's bro and his wife {I know, I know, we always go here but it's our FAVE!} and then we saw....
Dumb, da-dumb-dumb DUMB.
Definitely a MISS.
{And I really like Kevin Hart, darn it.}

* Saturday morning I attended a cute little baby shower for a girl I taught back when Joe and I were very first married!

This sweet girl was a brand new Beehive {a 12 year old!} and now I've seen her grow up, get married in the temple and now....get ready to have her first baby!!!  

Talk about making me feel old!!!

Aren't these shower favors CUTE?
Those mini spoons!!!!
And they were equally as de-lish - - - yummy Oreo cheesecake in a jar.

* Afterwards, I picked up my kiddies and we did one of my least favorite things to do on a Saturday.

We went to Costco.

This spinach salad was worth it though.
Here's a trick if you're in need of a YUMMY salad for a big family dinner.

Buy this salad {found in the back refrigerated section}.
Chop up the eggs, onions and tomatoes.

Add this into a large bowl WITH:
a bag of romaine lettuce
chopped cucumbers
usually I add sliced strawberries OR chopped grapes BUT...since they're out of season and way too expensive right now this time I added mandarin oranges.

It's a hit!

* Saturday night we had my parents + sis & nephew over for pizza + to watch the AZ CARDINALS game!


Holy cow - did you see it????
Our fingers are crossed for the SUPER BOWL!
Larry Fitzgerald is the MAN!!!

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

I asked our primary kiddos if they 'CHOSE the RIGHT' last week and one child's response was:
'Well, I didn't pinch anyone so......yeah! I did!'

Love their honesty.

* Family dinner at Joe's parents house on Sunday night.

My kids are so lucky to live close to their cousins.
They LOVE spending time with them.

* Joe and I tucked the kiddies into bed once we got back home and finished the weekend off by watching Friday night's DATELINE.

Wowzers.  It was a juicy one.
2 hours well spent.

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