Sunday, January 24, 2016

This Weekend:

* Friday morning began with Grant breaking his glasses.
Luckily, it was a quick fix at Costco but it was a morning filled with tears, to say the least.

Once I had the glasses delivered back to Grant at school, that was followed up by a trip to the Scout store to buy Grant his new Boy Scout garb - now that he's 11!
{$70 later.....why is that stuff so dang expensive?!}

* A trip to Ikea was on my to-do list after that.

3 Things about Ikea:

#1. Their Sweedish meatballs are so. dang. good.
#2. Joe refuses to go inside Ikea. He LOATHES this store.
#3. Why do ALL of their shopping carts push sideways?!?

* London had a friend over afterschool and we enjoyed our gorgeous 70 degree weather by playing at the park.

So sunny and bright!
{Sorry friends in VA!! ;)}

* Dinner OUT with the kids at Popeyes.

Their chicken >>>>>> than KFC chicken.
We LOVE this place!

* Grant had his first basketball game of the new season on Saturday.

Grandma Lamoreaux gives the best post-game pep talks and hugs.  They lost miserably. Better luck next week!

* Saturday afternoon was spent filling Etsy orders.

So excited that Valentine's is just around the corner.

* Date night Saturday night HERE.

Joe's BIRTHDAY is tomorrow so we started the celebrations a little early.

Best people watching around.
We waited outside for a table inside for close to an hour and man we were entertained!

{Their steak + creamed corn is my FAVE!!!}

* Churchey-church on Sunday. cute are my primary kiddos?!?
We were missing 4 today! 
{London included.  She's had a fever all day - BOO!}

* Joe and Grant headed off to Grant's Priesthood Preview on Sunday night.  So sad to have to miss it.  
{Did I mention London's fever was 103.6!!!???}

Gosh I love them.
I cannot even believe that Grant will be 12!!! this year!

On tap for THIS week:

* Celebrating Joe's birthday - - he turns 38!

* Making Valentine cards for the kiddos

* Filling Etsy Orders

* Laundry. Why is this task a never ending one?! I almost despise it as much as I despise cleaning bathrooms.  And that's A LOT!


  1. Awww poor London. . Hope she's better soon.
    We got 8 inches of snow today lol

  2. Hope London is feeling better! What do ya'll order at Popeyes? We have one in our city, but have never eaten there.

  3. Ooh....their chicken is just the bomb. My husband likes the spicy chicken but the kids and I like the regular kind. We LOVE their mashed potatoes and gravy and biscuits too! Everyone raves about their red beans and rice but I have yet to try's on my to do list ;) xoxo


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