Sunday, January 31, 2016

This Weekend:

* Friday morning my mom and I headed into Phoenix to visit one of our very favorite cake decorating stores.

I swear, this store has ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you need to make your baked goods look cute.

I LOVE their sanding sugar and needed to stock up for my upcoming Valentine sugar cookies.  They also have LOTS of cute packaging materials to deliver cupcakes, cookies and any other kind of baked goods you could think of.

Afterwards, we headed back to Chandler and ate lunch HERE. Locals: if you are ever near downtown Chandler you have GOT to try this little place out.

It's a teeny-tiny spot but they have THE BEST chili cheese dogs around.  

Oh - and right next door is THIS place which we've never been to so we decided to poke our heads in and I discovered what might just be the world's BEST chocolate chip cookie EVER!

It was HUGE and only $1.25.

* Friday night I met up with some dear friends for dinner HERE
{If you're wondering...the answer is YES...I pretty much just ate my way through the entire day....}

We ate out on the patio and it was dreamy.
The food AND the weather.

AND the pizza cookie that I devoured with my cute friend.

* Saturday morning we had a basketball game for Grant.

* I updated my chalkboard with Valentine motif.

* I "tried" to teach London how to ride her bike.

About 10 minutes after this photo was taken, there were tears and the slamming of doors.


My almost 7 year old might just be the only girl in the 6th grade who doesn't know how to ride a bike by then.

* Did I mention that the weather has been GORGE here in AZ this weekend? Like 75 degrees GORGE. If you've never visited in the winter time - - you must!

* My cute friend dropped by the MOST DELICIOUS mint brownies that I've EVER tasted on Saturday afternoon....

They are absolutely blog worthy and I'll be posting the recipe this week sometime!

* Saturday night we headed over to Joe's sisters house to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday.

Funny story - - my cute sis-in-law entered a contest and WON! a pizza party from QT.

PC: Jenny--isn't she the cutest?

So grateful for Joe's family and for living near by.
And QT gas station pizza? Not bad! Not bad at ALL!!!

* Sunday morning we woke up to.....

...being TP'd by some really cute girls.

My kids thought it was hilarious and are already scheming our revenge.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

Holy cow.  We had the BEST Sacrament meeting ever today.
Great talks and my cute friend sang THIS song and I was pretty much a blubbering mess through the entire meeting.

I definitely left feeling uplifted and inspired.
It was just what I needed.


Who else finds it hard to believe that tomorrow is already FEBRUARY??!?!

I'll be posting my NEW Visiting Teaching handouts for the month TOMORROW so stay tuned!


  1. Oh I wish I could come and drink a Dr pepper or diet coke and sit out on a patio and eat.. we would have the best time x☺☺☺